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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by will25u, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. will25u

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    Hi, I went to my 2nd interview as a PT package handler today. The first interview was a group interview with a short 1on1 interview. Today was more in depth interview, going through background checks etc. The interviewer told me right from the start that the worst case scenario would be they would call me back in a month because something about Dec. hiring maybe closed. We'll after the interview she told me either they're going to call me in a week or in a month. Does this sound like I have a good chance getting hired?
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    To use her terminology:

    either yes or no:lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. hoser

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    welcome to browncafe, will25u!

    group interview with a short 1on1 on the side? a second, more in-depth interview? a month to take a vacancy? for the love of science, that's a lot different than what i experienced.

    applied wednesday, called thursday, went to interview on friday and talked to HR rep (who just graduated from university) about Halo, the campus bar, the cheap drinks at the campus bar, the shendigans at the campus bar, how he would have taken up employment 4 years ago if he knew about earn+learn, and we finished it off with a discussion about fun vacations that we had. oh, and he said something about the pay being $12-something an hour, earn+learn starts from day one, and i'd have to lift boxes during my shift. then i went out to meet the supervisor that night, where we talked about what urban planning exactly is, the importance of taking my vitamins, and how it's nice that there's no traffic at 0200.

    went to orientation on tuesday, started wednesday.
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    wish mine would of been easy like yours. I'm in a hurry to find a part-time job because spring semester starts in Jan. and I have a full-time job at this moment. I' guess I have to quit and hope I get a call from UPS.
  5. hoser

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    yeah, our economy is f'n hot. jobless rate is something like 2%, people here can't find people to do blue collar or call centre jobs at $19/hr. companies are actually shutting down not because of lack of business, but because of too much business and too few people to work.
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    What part of country are you in?
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    Hoser, what the hell are you smoking? And may I please have some!!!!! I'll PM you with my home address. Just kidding. The jobless rate (US, or any state) is never 2%. A great unemployement rate is somewhere just under 5%. I guess you are not Dannyboy (unless you're acting ignorant) because he would have known better.
  8. hoser

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    I lied, it's up to 4.2 from 3.6. SORRY :lol:

    Alberta jobless rise despite growth (9:50 a.m.)

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    UPDATE: I got another appointment now! 3 appointments so far. This time I'm supposed to fill out some direct deposit, w-4, and other aggrement contracts online before I meet with the interviewer. I think this is a good sign:thumbup1:

    O yea, one other question... what are all your opinions between part-time fedex and part-time UPS handlers. Are both almost the same? same pay? any tuition assisstance? benefits? I asked this because there is a fedex ground right next to my school that is hiring and was wondering if that would be the better choice.
  10. hoser

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    go to fedex EXPRESS to be a handler, NOT fx ground. FX express pays better, you work on aircraft (if you're in a major city), and you're considered an airline employee so you get cheap hotel, cheap flights, and FX gives a generous shipping discount to their employees. much better corporate culture, too.
    however, FX's tuition reimbursement is $3000/year while UPS's is $15 000 per lifetime.
    fedex ground is a gong show. stay the hell out of there.
  11. will25u

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    thanks for the advice hoser. I made a decision that im going to work for UPS. They called me today and asked me if I'm still interested and to come in for a tour of the facility and then fill out some final forms for employment. I really hope this job turns out good.
  12. hoser

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    you're going to get worked into the ground stacking trailers and you'll likely hate it. then after 4 months, with attrition and all, you'll get promoted to an easier task, like picking trailers, and you'll still hate it, but not as much. and before you contemplate quitting, you'll remember that brown is paying for you to go to school and very, very few employers can offer you that. so stick with it, and see where it can take you after school, corporate side, if you are in a white collar discipline.

    oh, and don't go too fast. you'll burn yourself out. one box at a time.