GOP would have stopped "JOE" from voting!

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    GOP Ohio Purge Tactics Would have Kept Joe the Plumber from Voting!!!!

    posted 10-17-08
    Before the US Supreme Court ruled that the Ohio GOP could not get people kicked off the Ohio voter roles, a purge would have kicked McCain's poster boy off the registered voter roles because his name on the list wouldn't have matched the name on his license.
    According to Huffington Post ""Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher Not Voting for McCain" (report was filed before Supreme Court Decision came down) :
    Joe the Plumber looks to be one of the thousands of American voters whose voter registration data fails to match his real life data. There is a Samuel Joe WORZELBACHER on the Secretary of State's rolls for Holland, Ohio. As fate has it, the most recently famous of Ohio's Republican voters is now a poster boy for why GOP efforts to purge voter rolls are as unreliable as voter protection advocates have argued they are, less a legitimate measure to prevent voter fraud than a transparent attempt to keep likely Democrats from voting.