Got A Memo Today In Regards To Radios In The Package Car

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  1. Upslady20

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    I was given a memo from our mechanic regarding radio's in the package car. It is from the South Florida District Automotive Fleet Manager.
    It states:
    Regarding radio's in package cars, please review the National Master United Parcel Service Agreement and Souther Region supplemental Agreement August 1, 2002 through July 31, 2008.
    Page 42- Article 18
    Page 49- Section 8 - Radio

    Transistor Radios will be allowed in Package Cars.
    Battery operated transitor radios onlly, no power leads of any kind are permitted in package cars, which are used for parcel delivery. Radios must be positioned in a safe place, no on dashboard,not on floor, preferably in package compartment.

    Ok so whats the point of having a radio if it is riding in the back where you are unable to hear it in the first place. And so we are no longer allowed to use the cigarette lighter connections they installed for us??
    So how can we get around this new memo.

    Have any other districts sent out a letter like this?
  2. toonertoo

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    Cigarette lighter connections, never seen them.
    We have never been (suppose) to hardline into the wiring. I have a small radio, and I bungy it some where in the front, outta the way and buy batteries constantly. One of the downsides I guess, but we live with it. Many of the guys have those great big dewalt radios, and bungy them somewhere.
    I havent been to work in 3 wks, so I havent seen a memo, but usually I read it on here before, it happens. As of now mine is usually on the dash, but it looks like that may be changing, by the memo you posted.
  3. Pip

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    Toonertoo, I'm guessing here that the memo will not be nationwide, but more a district or regional thing. I wouldn't be afraid to say that something might have caused the memo in that district, A driver hooked up/screwed up wiring into the system when they had no business or know how and ended up a roadcall. That will do it everytime.

    Haven't seen or heard of anything like that happening or going to happen here. It is a gray area, so to speak around here.I've been working with the drivers here, Tell them bring me the stuff I need and I'll hook it up for them, correctly. Haven't had any date(knock on wood). But if a roadcall or dead battery's over a weekend hookup happens, the hookup will be removed. Drivers here are good with unhooking everynight, so as not to put a drain on the battery's. They do appreciate having the hookup, as I would if I was a driver.

    A happy driver is a productive driver, and will take better care of the equipment.
  4. local804

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    Feeder drivers have attachments to hard wire thier radios, I cant see why we cant but its no biggie. Instead of wasting time and energy on the radios, why dont the shop give memos about excessive heat in the truck or try to lower some of the trucks with 24 inch steps. The job sucks as it is, why not try to make it better.
  5. scratch

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    For a while, our mechanics would install a cigarette lighter connection, but that has stopped. We have always been allowed to carry a radio thats not wired into the vehicle. In a Safety Meeting I went too, it was mentioned that boomboxes shouldn't be bunged in the cab. I have never carried a radio, but I have been thinking about getting a MP3 player and some cheap speakers.
  6. hdkappler

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    :thumbup1:i think cigarett lighters should be banned in all trucks.:tongue_smeven smoking?i used to smoke years ago.:lol:except customers don't always like the smell of smoke.:mellow:especially if they are a/c's.or a religous customer.:mad:
  7. rushfan

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    The only reason why I have my foot in the feeder dept's door is so I can have a radio.
  8. toonertoo

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    Thanks, I never even thought to ask, although I heard others had them hard wired. In my building the mechanics dont have the time allowed to do whats needed, squeezed I should say, and I wouldnt think of adding to the load. Batteries are a cheap fix.. I have a place on my route that I can buy them cheaper than anywhere else, and they jokingly put it under the wholesale name of "tooners erotica". Never fail to get a giggle when I come in and tell them I need some more c batteries....
  9. swing_drv

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    Allot of Drivers use the Dewalt rechargeable radios.
  10. old levi's

    old levi's I use to care... but things have changed

    Just don't see the need for a radio in the package car. Heck, I drove one of my personal vehicles for 21 years that did not have a radio. Just a heater and glove box. Also manual choke, no seat belts, and no 4 way flashers. Pretty basic.
  11. disneyworld

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    Did it have a crank start?
  12. old levi's

    old levi's I use to care... but things have changed

    No. Just a cranky driver.:wink:
  13. Pip

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    ......Speechless :laugh::laugh:
  14. Fishbulb

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    i bring my ipod & a small pair of speakers that attach right on top of it. It fits in the cup holder on the dash. I didnt see anywhere in the contract that ipods are not allowed so screw them. Just to keep them from bothering me though i dont pull it out til im out on the road & pack it back up in my bag before I head back to the building. Most of the managers wouldnt give a crap but theres always a couple of harda**es who just like to harass employees for their enjoyment & because their lives are so miserable.
  15. SmithBarney

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    I had a radio, well an iPod and holder... while it was nice
    found it often usless.
    In the P1000 I couldn't hear it, when the truck was running
    and if it was loud enough to hear when running it was abnoxious
    when I shut the engine off.
    In the P300(lil Ford maybe a 400) It was ok, but because
    it was a rural route the thing would take a beating with all the bouncing.(yes it was bungied)
    In the new 47's it was nice, but I didn't drive one of those regularly.

    Now with fred, the cabs are insulated with sound deadener, and the engines
    are quiet... I can listen all the time, no batteries needed.
  16. 1989

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    I just use a small Walmart $9.98 radio I got in about 1997. Works fine, takes 4 AA batteries. I see some people spending more time on their radio than working.