Gotta love management sometimes

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    Get a load of this.

    I loaded on Midnights for awhile before transferring to the Daysort. Anyways this week was my vacation week, but it's not. I filed my vacation time while on Midnights and it turns out my FT supervisor on Midnights just threw away my sheet instead of ever giving it to the new one Days. Just another prime example of some of the jackholes that are in management. Good thing the guy on Days said I can have my original week in July off and next week
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    It's easier to throw it in the trash can than to get it to the Day sup.
    If I may ask a question, why do you expect the night sup to care about whether you get your vacation?
    I know it's expected but I would be interested in your thoughts.
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    This is a thread for Integrity
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    Its a turd, its a pain, no its Integrity!!!
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    No! Please!!!
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    Please don't give him any ideas!
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    It's his job to manage and that includes paperwork. I mean I'm sure other stuff got moved over when I switched, why not just move it as well. I'm still an employee of UPS
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    it come down to the supervisor not caring!
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    that's my guess too
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    Why only sometimes? ;)
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    SAP, burden is on the employee. Occasionally I have had supervisor/center manager ask about vacations, but you will come to learn it is easier to take care of it yourself.