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    Greetings to all and thank you for allowing this chance to join your forum.
    I recently applied for a Loader/Unloader position with UPS. Interview is tommorow @0900.

    How should I prepare? What questions will they ask? Are any of you folks currently or in the past worked as a Loader/Unloader.

    I am currently working at MIA (airport) Have aviation expireince and looking for some stablilty in my career. The position is PT, How soon can one move up to FT? I know its a lot of questions but this will be a BIG move for me and I am trying to be as prepared as possiable.

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing some of your feedback.
  2. The only way you can get full time in most buildings is to go driving.
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    The wait to go full time can vary greatly also from building to building
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    Back to back legitimate answers. What's with that?
  5. I know. And we forgot to welcome him to Brown Cafe.
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    Thanks for the reply and WELCOME, I think.....

    So driver is where the $s at? I'm in MIAMI. What the chance to get driver soon. Still would've to hear about the position and pay for Unloader/Loader. Sounded as if it was for UPS CARGO at the airport..
  7. Most jobs start at $10 an hour.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I think Air Ramp starts a bit higher.
  9. It could be.I never looked at the language in the supplement.
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    It might be UPS CSI (Cartage Services)- air freight.
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    Reading up on the Loader/Unloader threads. Sound like most don't like but I guess you have to pay your dues first. Just want a job that will pay well and allow me to move up. I have great leadership skills, situational awareness, HUGE on safety and teamwork.
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    Well then you'll be a Center Manager in no time
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Not necessarily. :)
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    I've seen people get hired and be in management within few months.