Group brutally attacks two men


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Hey some of my best drinking episodes happened in the ups parking lot. We even had one manager that would buy a case of beer every once in awhile. We had no security at my old center (life in a small town thing). I can't remember being allowed to bring machettes to the party tho.


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Our urban centre has no security.....

Although I see having a beer after work in a parking lot on a Friday night as normal, I sure as hell wouldn't do it in a UPS parking lot. The last think I want to do is spend my spare time on UPS property, but who said they wern't on the clock?


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We used to have a Sup on the local sort, every night before it closed, he would always walk across the street to the area convenience store, get a suitcase of bud, and then come back to work. Many a morning I pulled into the parking lot, to see him passed out drunk grabbing his steering wheel, I guess nothing beat an all night binge sitting in your car getting drunk in the parking lot after work.....the kicker is......he is now a center manager at another center.