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I wonder how someone who is graduating from a university in 1965 can claim that he was receiving an appointment to the US Naval Academy ?


To be rather than to seem or "Donnie STFU". You c.
BTW - have you known Trump his whole life? Why can't you admit you've been owned and Biden is the worst POTUS EVER? You have to know Biden is a walking lie machine a toucher of children, a misogynist, a racist, and much worse. He is a horrible human being on every level and ALWAYS has been! Why do you deny facts?


nowhere special


nowhere special
You can count on New York to still try to find ways around the ruling. Or pretty much ignore it and keep on doing the same things.
In an exchange with Justice Samuel Alito, New York Solicitor General Barbara Underwood recognized that if an applicant stated that the leave work late at night and have to walk from a subway station through a high-crime neighborhood to get home, that person would be denied because they did not cite a specific threat.


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Wait, I thought liberals ruled everything, controlled all elections and are coming for your guns? In fact I thought we'd already taken a lot of them?
Wait, I thought liberals constantly smear conservatives for fending off liberal efforts to do (insert several hundred different things here). Oh, that's right, they do.