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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Indy317, Aug 19, 2010.

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    9 years with the company. Was hired as a seasonal driver. Two weeks before seasonal was up, had a Tier 1 backing accident. Don't deny fault, but I am a tad confused.

    Was shown the door back to my hub job. I found it a tad odd at no point was a steward brought it in. Also, found it strange I was made to take a computer test about backing after the accident, then sign off on it. Was this training I was supposed to have before? Then they back doored it in? Was basically told "we no longer need your services". I found that reasonable. Then was told I have a 1 year ban of working/applying for driving jobs, yet we have an air driver in our center who has a T1 accident on his record, but is still allowed to air drive. He got the package car stuck under a bridge underpass, messed up the roof.

    Pretty shook by the whole ordeal. The week I come back to work, they have postings for new drivers full time. So I can't apply for those, but the guys that get these jobs will have seniority protection after their first 30 days safe driving, something I could not get.

    I mean, the way it was told to me was that for a full time driver, and accident in your first 30 days is termination, but that after that a T1 would probably get you fired, but you would get your job back. Confused!?

    And sorry if that sounds like I am rambling. Will give further details upon request.
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    Hi Indy,

    Not sure if I understand your last question but as far as the "backing" assessment. Ever time an employee is injured or involved in an accident, corporate requires the employee take online assessments pertaining to the injury or accident. In your case "backing". There was no "back dooring" being that your having a license to drive in the first place assumes you've been properly trained in backing a vehicle.
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    Sorry to hear that. I saw the posting for the new package car drivers and thought you would be signing that for sure. It is true that you can't get back into driving for a year, but given your seniority the wait after that one year period shouldn't be long if you still want to go back to driving. As far as the air driver is concerned, if they are past their 30 days, and I'm certain they probably have since there haven't been any new air drivers taken in for a couple years, they are allowed 3 accidents a year before they can get the boot. Considering your simply seasonal any accident will cause you to be sent back to the hub. Again I'm sorry to hear that happened to you and hope it doesn't spoil your drive to go driving when the opportunity comes back around. Just considering it a lesson learned and look forward to a future driving position.

    To help better address your questions regarding accidents within your 30 day probationary period any accident during those first 30 days or while holding a seasonal position is treated the same. One accident sends you back to your previously held position. After those 30 days you can still be technically "fired", but every driver I have seen get into an accident usually is back on the job within a week or two. It all depends on the seriousness of the accident, and in some cases how bad management wants you gone. Once you past those 30 days you are in as a driver and the only way out is to quit, retire, or get fired and lose all attempts to grieve the firing. Feel free to PM me any questions you may have as it appears to me we work in the same building.
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    I would call your Business Agent if you are a union member and let them know that there was no rep . present. Its a long shot but it might be enough to get it erased, I've seen crazier stuff work.