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    UPS Donates $1 Million to Haitian Earthquake Relief

    Business Wire
    posted: 1 HOUR 2 MINUTES AGO

    UPS (NYSE:UPS) today contributed more than US$1 million in cash and in-kind support to earthquake relief efforts in Haiti through its charitable arm, The UPS Foundation.
    The $1 million donation will include $500,000 in cash and up to $500,000 of in-kind services for the shipment of needed supplies. The funds will be divided between The American Red Cross, CARE, UNICEF and other organizations that assist with long-term relief activities.
    “With hundreds of thousands of people affected, our hearts go out to Haiti,” said Dan Brutto, president of UPS International. Brutto serves on the Board of Directors for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. “Through our financial commitment and logistics expertise, UPS is positioned to respond quickly to the urgent needs and tremendous suffering that have been created by the earthquake. We felt it was critical that we act fast to support the relief efforts.”
    With a network that extends around the globe, UPS has been a leader in disaster relief and response. In recent years, UPS relief efforts in the Philippines, Samoa, China, Myanmar and across the United States have included warehouse management, transportation network design and supply chain distribution.
    In addition to providing financial and in-kind commitments to Haiti relief, UPS is a member of the World Food Programme’s Logistics Emergency Teams (LETs) and anticipates the activation of those teams. The LETs initiative involves providing “loaned” logistics experts to oversee on-site disaster response, normally for a deployment of three-to-six months.
    UPS provided logistics support in Haiti just two years ago when the island nation was slammed by hurricanes and flooding. One of the UPS experts dispatched in 2008, UPS Americas Region Health and Safety Manager John Vera, describes crisis response in Haiti as extraordinarily difficult because the country has little modern infrastructure.
    “Our job is to respond quickly and get supplies to those who need it most, but it’s not an easy task in Haiti,” said Vera.
    UPS will continue to work closely with relief organizations that are active in the Haiti recovery effort over the coming weeks.
    Founded in 1951 and based in Atlanta, Ga., The UPS Foundation’s major initiatives include programs that support community safety, nonprofit effectiveness, economic and global literacy, environmental sustainability and diversity. The UPS Foundation pursues these initiatives by identifying specific projects where its support can help produce a measurable social impact. In 2008, The UPS Foundation donated $46.9 million to charitable organizations worldwide. Visit community.ups.com for more information about UPS's community involvement.
    For additional information on UPS disaster preparedness, please visit www.pressroom.ups.com/disasterprep.

  2. rod

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    unfortunately for every million donated maybe 100 bucks gets to the people that need it:sad-little:
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    Sad but true. Im sure we will see and hear about theft and corruption of all the money and aid that is donated.:dissapointed:
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Most of the $1M will be an in kind donation, most likely the use of our aircraft.
  5. Baba gounj

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    and our planes will be filled with " refugees " on the return flights.
    More mouths for the dems to feed{that is feed off of }.
  6. moreluck

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    Pat Robertson said the reason the quake happened to Haiti is because years ago they contracted with the devil in their dealings with the French. Idiot!
  7. Jones

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    Not even sure what to say about this, except that Pat Robertson is truly a bleeding from the eyes, fully septic maniac.
    And kudos to UPS for chipping in, nice to see the company doing the right thing.
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    I knew this day would come. You and I agree on something. :happy-very:
  9. DS

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    Its a huge mess there.The first thing I thought about was rioting and pillaging,but these people dont have anything worth pillaging,then I felt like an ass for that being my first thought with all the destruction and death.Its nasty,and everyone should be happy to raise thier head off that pillow every morning,because something bad could happen to you anytime.
  10. Baba gounj

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    barry said that he would donate his peace prize award to charity, now this is a perfect place .
  11. rod

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    Haiti has been "rioting" for years. The "pillaging" will start any minute now. A corupt police force and a starving population can't add up to anything good. Not that it really matters but most Hatians have hated the US for a long time as most third world countries do. I'm sure that will change -----------------at least until all the aid starts to dry up.
  12. tieguy

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    since many use the chickens have come home to roost argument to jusitify terrorism our helping haiti in their time of need should finally end all world terrorism as terrorist now see that we really care. :happy-very:
  13. wkmac

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    You were dead on the money when you called Pat Robertson an idiot. I could only shake my head in disgust when I heard what he said about Haiti. You go girl! :thumbsup:

    As to getting the most out of a charitable donation, I saw this article and thought I'd pass it on. I don't up or down the info just spreading ideas to achieve as many options to consider as possible for those of us who want to help with the biggest effect. I'm a fan of both Red Cross and Salvation Army in disasters like these but that's me for what it's worth.

    Hats off also to UPS for doing what they are doing.
  14. moreluck

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    Supposedly foxnews.com/helphaiti has a list of reputable organizations to donate to.
  15. Lue C Fur

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    Not the evil Fox news....
  16. moreluck

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    Madonna gives $250 K. to the Haiti relief. BFD! That's like me giving $2.00. Her picture is plastered around because of her donation.....how about Gisele Bundchen giving $1.5 million ?? Much better!!

    Hey St. Oprah, how much you sending over there ???
  17. rod

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    Ha Ha-- Oprha don't even know that Haiti exists
  18. island1fox

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    Wk and More,
    Could not agree with you more ---Robertson's statement is idiotic---the same can be said about actor/activist Danny Glover --who stated that this is related to Global Warming and the Failure of the meeting in Copenhagen ????:sad-little:
    I know that most of us have already found an organization to donate to --I truly feel for the people there and have kept them in my prayers .
  19. moreluck

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    I just heard what Danny Glover had to say. After his discourse he said...."know what I'm sayin'?

    My answer is , "NO, you make no sense at all!"
  20. stevetheupsguy

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    What French Idiot?