Handheld sp400 All-in-One??

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  1. kingOFchester

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    May have been discussed b4, but if not:

    I work preload, and now we will enjoy more volume per hour coming down the belts. Be done quicker!! Great!:knockedout:

    I wonder how it will print on plastic rolls of fabric or black boxes????\

  2. mattwtrs

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    My son who lives in Florida saved me a plastic bag from a package he received that had the new PAS label (stamp) on it. Only the last 4 digits of tracking # were printed on it with the usual info. If it saves money who cares?
  3. kingOFchester

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    Welll, I have worked pickoff on the belts. I can't imagine trying to find read and sort envelopes to HUGE over 70 boxes with this new printed PSA. I have had touble keeping up with the flow at times when i am looking for a small white lable with the sort info.......This looks a LOT harder to see. Now add into the equation a quicker SPA'er and the flow will be that much heavier.

    And yes, I know over 70's SHOULD go on the irreg train, but that is another subject for another time!!
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    here is the link

    So is this to be used for pas because I spa and that is way slower than what I do now to much time on one package also what about smalls or envelopes with the plastic over them this wont print on plastic will it? Anyway with the way we do it know I can scan one and while the label is printing scan the next this works well when there are two unloaders I don't see this improving effeciency or production just saving money on paper and labels.

    Did anyone else think the pace it takes the guy in the video is WAAAAAYYYYYY behind UPS speed not enough pph! LOL
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  5. Forty6and2

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    they will try to print it on the package anyway even if it has the plastic on it. seriously- we have had them in my center for over a year and they are a pain in the arse! i load cars in the a.m. and i can't read most of these new stamps because they get smeared. i have misloaded one of my cars several times because the printed "1" can smear and look like a "4" or vice versa. i no longer trust the stamps and if i get any, i black them out with a crayon and send them back to the sort where they can put a real sticker on the package. i refuse to be diciplined for something like this...its ridiculous.
  6. kingOFchester

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    You know, I didn't look at it like that....I have never spa'd but I have seen the guys doing it in the back. And you are right, they do scan the next package as they apply the lable to the previous package. However, I would be surprised if UPS didn't do "time studies". And UPS did say "increased efficiency and effectiveness at a lower cost, with less waste," . Anxious to hear from centers that have converted how it works "live". Still can't see a picker being able to find and read that prinitng as easily as the sticker.

    Also, if you look at the video that showes UPS (search HP videos for "UPS And HP Team for 'Green' Approach") They say this device will save ups 92,456 hours a year.

    Sidenote: I am not a big union cheerleader, nor a basher. It has it's pro's and con's.

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  7. edd_tv

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    i wish debbie worked in my bldg loading my truck.
  8. pretzel_man

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    I've used this device, and its not bad. Much, much better than I expected.

    As far as speed goes, its slower. No question. However, we use it in a sort aisle.

    Before the device we had a SPA person ahead of the sorter. We needed a one to one ratio (one SPA per sorter) each doing about 1000 per hour.

    With the imprinter, the sorter and the SPA job combine. Before, for two unload doors, we needed four people (two SPA, and two sorters). Now, that takes three people.

    Also, mis-slaps (putting the label on the wrong package) are eliminated.

    Its not a bad thing. The label is a little small, but its not bad...

  9. evilleace

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    We are on a one to one ratio also and if they cut out the spa person (me) then I am not for it I am not for anything that cuts jobs. Plus the point about pickoff is a good one also how are you supposed to see something that blends in?
  10. who the hell taught Debbie to load trucks? she needs retraining...bigtime Plus what building has a boxline that goes that slow..and furthermore she spent way too much time scanning that package..her sense of urgency needs adjustment. :happy-very::wink2:

    I love how all videos (even our own) of UPS operations never look like a real UPS building...especially the safety videos, I wish our jams looked like the ones in the videos, then there would never be rewraps lol, alas reality bites I guess. But anyway, now we've finally found out how UPS is going to make back that central states bailout cost. :dissapointed:

    On a serious note....I'm skeptic that its better for anything other than the environment and misslaps. Though its good for UPS, it eliminates jobs which is bad for working people. That was probably the real motivation behind this.
  11. P-Man, I agree it sounds good, but so does PAS and PAS is a good system until it gets released in the wild and people try to bend and contort to meet pie in the sky goals that it was never intended to reach (speed wise). It definitely looks a lot slower...I dunno how it will work at our building.

    I think it is going to cause a lot of label legibility issues though...because from looking at that video there is no doubt the PAL sticker is easier to read.
  12. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    we already have the ispa for SPA people. They are motorola, handheld portable spa stations. They are AWFUL. The scanner loops around the fingers, the printer weighs around 5 pounds and it is hung on your belt or pant waist. Very uncomfortable. ALso, the labels do not stick sometimes at all. I'm pretty sure some of the hubs use these for SPA and outbounds, also ( we arent the only ones).

    This newer one looks alot more comfortable.
  13. We have those too, but they are secondary to the scanner gun/printer combos in the primary. those are used for irregs and add/cuts in the outbounds and RARELY in the primary if scanner stations go down. iSPAs are sloooooooooooow and like you said the labels are rubbish..in fact alot of them go in the rubbish because we have to take a certain amount off the roll of labels before it actually fits in the printer...more wasted money.
  14. evilleace

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    ispa's are the worst had to use one when my scanner computer went down one day took F O R E V E R.
  15. pretzel_man

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    I agree with you that we often ruin a great idea with a poor implementation.

    When I've seen that, its almost never the fault of the front line hourly person. Some management person somewhere begins to take shortcuts and then the process starts to unravel.

    On the other hand, there are many, many sites that do a great job and the benefits to UPS and customers become aparrent.

    As far as the Imprinter goes, I'm surprised at how well it seems to work. The label is much more legible than I thought it would be.

    If you SPA before the primary sorter, I bet you'll see one of these soon.

  16. hangin455

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    Maybe more legible than you thought but not legible enough. I've seen these in use. You get as many misloads due to legibility as you did with mis slaps. It's a great concept but still not the "foolproof" method I'm sure we're all seeking.
  17. pretzel_man

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    I guess the loaders and sorters you've spoken with feel differently than the ones I have.

  18. We spa in the aisle with "trolleys" as they deemed there was not enough room by the doors...which is BS, but thats what we've got. I'm sure we'll get this system eventually as out of syncs run rampant at times.

    Part of our problem with out of sync PALs is our own doing. We double and sometimes triple team each SPA/sorter pair. I'm pretty sure that ISN'T in the methods but I'm not sure. However, gotta make that number no matter what so thats how we arrive at that problem. Then when we get out of syncs they believe it to be the fault of the employee, which in a way it is, but in the grand scheme of things is it really? How is one SPA employee (sometimes a newbie) expected to keep up with 2-3 unloaders and be 100% accurate all the time? Just isn't logical.

    I'm not close minded I'm willing to give anything a shot especially if it seems like a really good idea. In theory many ideas this company has are really good ones, but like we both said, the problem is in the implementation unfortunately.
  19. pkgdriver

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    My preloader has no problem with the imprinter. The unloaders seem to be doing ok with it the little bit Ive watched them. Out of almost 300 pkgs delivered today i noticed about 7 or so that weren't readable/partially readable for different reasons.
  20. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    Yes. In our hub here (just a hair northeast of ORH) :), the ispa is used on the internal slides - and then of course into the boxline. Also, the ispa is uesd in the PD loads for destination scans. There's no spa in the primary here unlike small buildings such as Norwood -where the stations are setup at the unload doors. I'm not realy sure how Watertown runs their preload/early AM, didn't work that shift, but it's probably the same as Norwood.