has anyone ever brawled with a customer???


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hey all, just wondering if any of you have ever been in a fistfight with a customer, and if so what happen? What is ups' position in a situation like this?


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hey all, just wondering if any of you have ever been in a fistfight with a customer, and if so what happen? What is ups' position in a situation like this?

Nope, never in fisticuffs with a customer. Might have wanted to take a swing on customers once or twice because they were idiots (retail environment). As far as UPS' position....I'd guess you're GOOONNNNE! -Rocky


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We had a driver punch someone and he still has his job. We also had a driver get punched in the face for talking smack to a customer (he no longer is with the company)


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years ago we had a on car sup punch a guy out while he was at a red light. seems the guy in the car did not start up quick enough. sup kept his job.


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Had a driver get in a fist fight with the center manager after hours. The driver is still working. center manager got fired for fudging numbers later on. Imagine that.


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Had a driver here that walked out of a late p/u leaving his keys inside. Called security to let him back in, but there was no answer so he left a very swear-laden message. Of course it was recorded so the customer played it back for UPS.

Large account, almost lost it. Driver still works here...


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hey all, just wondering if any of you have ever been in a fistfight with a customer, and if so what happen? What is ups' position in a situation like this?

Put yourself in the customer's position - what do you think would be UPS's position? A customer paying UPS and your salary to service their packages, and have to deal with a fistfight with a UPS employee?

Violence in the Workplace ring a bell with you? As I remember both UPS and the Union claim to have zero tolerance for this type of behavior


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A guy blocked me in nose to nose at a stop. After he went through his paperwork for a few minutes- I gave him a quick toot to see if he was going to move. He flips me off, got out of his van and challenged me, so I stepped down, he grabbed my collar so I had to drag him through the snow. I couldn't punch the guy though. I went back into the stop to call police and the center manager. The customer told me the guy said watch me piss the UPS guy off. The funny thing is- I was having such a good day I wasn't even mad he blocked me in. When police contacted him, he said I started it. Come to find out-he was on all kinds of medication.


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^^I had a guy kind of do this to me one day. Some truck driver who I pulled up next to all of a sudden wanted to be a d!ck about UPS was always hogging up the docks everywhere he went (cause we take so long:rolleyes:). I said, "all I wanted to know is how long you would be. If you were going to be long I would leave and come back." He got all pissed off bitching about UPS being overpaid and whatnot. Out of nowhere he tells me to step out of the truck and we could settle this. I was like, what the hell. When I got down and out and he realized that I was a heck of a lot bigger than him by about 6 inches and about 80 lbs. he turned aorund telling me to friend-off and flipping me off and cussing at me and telling me to wait my friend-in turn. I left and came back later.


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Been involved in a few real heated arguments, it never came to violence. Just recently me and a customer went nose to nose because he called the OMS girl up and told her that he was gonna "rip me out of the truck and beat me up" (LOL) if he doesn't get his stuff. The next day I showed up and called him a telephone tough guy and we exchanged words. He works from home, doesn't really get much stuff, but allows his 3 vicious dobermans to run hogwild in his yard unchained. Needless to say most of his stuff gets sheeted up as NI1 since he refuses to call the dogs in or come down the driveway in a timely manner.


I've had several knives and guns pointed at me. Talked/ intimidated myself out of those situations.
I have had to beat the heck out of a lot of dogs with my fists.
The incident that I still laugh about is have to slap around a Rooster (the guy raised fighting roosters) just to get back to my pkg car.
Man, those things are tenacious!


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Here's a thought, keep your cool at all times. If the customer threatens you look for a witness right away. Don't provoke the person and if he/she touches you go to a phone, call the police, then your center. As soon as you get done talking to your center, call your lawyer ! Sometimes it pays in more ways than one to keep your cool !

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An over the road trucker started to back up to the same dock door I was delivering to stopped about 3 feet in front of me and said he would keep on backing up and smash my truck because he felt I cut in behind him at this Wal-Mart. He was parked along the side and on wheels where turning, I thought he was done at this stop. I told him go ahead I need a new truck anyway!! Wal-Mart manager got involved and told him to pull out of the way or police would be called and his company.


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Last peak when I was a driver helper the driver I was with got in a fight with the gas man. He was taking too long to get up the driveway and she started honking her horn at him and they exchanged a few words which ending with her dropping the "N"bomb and flooring the truck to beat him up the driveway. Pretty funny to see a 20 something 5'0 blonde girl driver go toe to toe with a 6' 250lb black man.