Has our society really degraded to this point?

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    A recent incident in Philadelphia prompted me to ask myself this question. A lady was on a SEPTA bus with her misbehaving child, whom she proceeded to spank. A fellow passenger took it upon himself to admonish the lady for spanking the child, threatening to turn her in to DHS. The lady gets on her cell phone and calls a friend relaying what had happened. The bus is met at the next stop by two armed men who help the lady and her child get off the bus. The lady then points out the man who admonished her and tells the men to open fire. Thankfully they couldn't hit the broad side of a barn door and no one was hurt. The incident was caught on tape and the men were arrested.

    Is this really where we are as a society? There are many more examples of brazen indifference to human life that can be added to this but the bottom line is we seem to have lost our moral compass.

    The sad part of the above story is that there was an 80 year old woman on the bus who had no idea what was going on and was walking up and down the aisle trying to figure out what to do.
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    I posted the clip yesterday under TV News (#27).................I thinks it's "gangsta" and people can laugh, but between rap and that cop killing video game, Grand Theft Auto , the country has gone downhill in the moral category. Let's face it, when Will Smith was a rapper, it was "innocent".....now, it's lethal and I can't even type the title of Cee-lo's song on the site.

    Dad's aren't in the homes anymore. Mom's are working and gone too. Kids are left on their own and no supervision.
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    In some sense, maybe these people are in fact a direct reflection of what we are and what we've become. We've just become accustomed and desensitized to the devaluing of life and while kids show this on the streets as More seems to rightly allude, we adults set the standards in our own actions and the first place we illustrate this is in the being and nature of gov't we elect. Follow me or die so if we say otherwise to kids, do we not look like the biggest hypocrite?

    I agree about the video games but you should also include stuff like Call of Duty and Full Spectrum Warrior (as of Sept. 2008' FSW thanks to the US Army became a free internet download). The military uses such Gamecraft to mentally prepare the battlefield soldier to kill. The problem is this same gamecraft is drilled down to the youth level, especially the pre-teen and early teen male who can be easily molded with such grand illusions. Come recruitment time and age, many of these kids are mentally ripe to sign up with little thinking and to make matter worse, with such sorry job prospects, in some sense who can blame them. Many wonder if the high mental problems of returning soldiers was compounded by the fact that they lived the disconnected world of video but then the realities of the battlefield, the death, blood and gore shattered those illusions. It poses an interesting question and the sad part is the test subjects for such study are very real people who many may never recover.

    If you think I'm stretching the gamecraft theory a bit then maybe you might consider Lt. Col Dave Grossman, author of "On Killing" who teaches what is called Killology has written much on the mental effects of violence on kids. To quote Grossman on violent military based gamecraft and TV violence more generally,

    Now here's the scarier part for you to consider. Your grand daughters are around a lot of these kids or they themselves might be a hapless victim influenced by the obvious self interested brain washing. These games can be dangerously addictive. It's one thing for a kid to enter military service for some patriot fulfillment or some personal reason or duty to just serve in that capacity. Whether I agree or not, can't argue the honor for such self sacrifice but to use a game console to mentally prep a kid with conditioning just strikes me as some 21st century form of a Fascist nightmare.

    The problem of violence is at our core from top to bottom and yet so embedded that to even question it you are forced to question the structure of society itself and therefore fear drives people away from doing so. The first hint people suspect you questioning society as they know it and out comes the peer pressure to return to ranks of face isolation and abandonment. No individual thinking allowed and Col. Grossman sure makes a case as to just how far this ideal has leeched down into the public psyche. As a result, violence becomes an auto response but then the otherside of this equation is that just as good as the Al Qaeda terrorist is to the military industrial complex, so to is a public bred towards violence for the Prison Industrial Complex.
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    A Virus of Violence
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    You're right also about the games.....but I could only remember the one.......it was a big deal when it came out.
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    The government needs to stop patting girls on the back financially for having kids out of wedlock.
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    Would you prefer aborting the fetuses of any unwed female?
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    Is that the only alternative?
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    Of course not. We could always mirror China and set a limit on how many kids we can have. We could also set a limit on the number of kids a mother on welfare will receive support for. We could go so far as to order sterilization for women who are unable to provide for their children without public assistance.

    I understand where she is coming from as I see it every day.
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    The welfare system in NYS is out of control. Not to mention, why do people woth 3 kids who make $7000 a year, if they are lucky and getting $23000 a yr in assistance, getting $12000 a year back in taxes from the FEDERAL gov't? This system is out of control.As for aborting fetuses, have you seen how these 'women' raise these children? I wonder if it wouldn't be better in the long run for the society as we are the ones subjected to their existence.