Have an interview for courier driver in Edmonton AB - would i want the job??

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  1. Blue_Monday

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    Until 4 days ago I never considered being a UPS Courier but I'm fed up with my current job as a parts-man, with the exception of parts driving, which I really enjoy, so applied for one of the Edmonton jobs and the next thing I knew I agreed to an interview on Monday. I was initially quite excited by the though of working for a large well structured company with good benefits (as opposed to the family run farce I currently work for). However I have read a number of disturbing articles about UPS not treating staff well and people only stay for the benefits. if i'm successful at interview and get offered a position:

    what can I expect?

    How many times a week will I be doing a 12/13 hour day (work/life balance)?

    Am I going to be put under pressure to get my route done in unreasonable time frames?

    Will I get my own route or do routes frequently change?

    What else should I be aware of if I am successful & accept a position?
  2. klein

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    First, if you made it to the Interview, you are 99% already hired (come clean shaven, and don't show tatoos). - The UPS dress code.

    When hired, you'll first undo a week of training in the office. From 8am to 4pm and half a day is set for a medical.
    You'll only earn $8 or $9 per hr during that first week.
    Then you'll jump to $15/hr in the 2nd week.
    The 2nd and 3rd weeks, you'll drive along with UPS drivers or trainers (easy routes, and you'll be off work by 5 or 6pm).
    You'll also do a few driving tests in this period (the first one, almost right after the therotical training - making you drive a P500 (no power steering with manual transmission).

    About 4 weekss in you'll be on your own.
    No regular routes though.
    You'll just show up at work around 7:30 and wait for a supervisor to give you a driving route for the day.

    You'll need to bid on a route to get your own steady one.
    That can take a month or more, sometimes even 3 months (depends how high the turn-over rate currently is) - but have heard it's very high recently.
    Probation period is 3 months, and just 1 accident within that time - would get you fired.
    After 3 months your wage goes up to $16.

    Benefits don't kick in until 1 year after you been hired.
    Working hrs : Yes, mostly from 7:30 to 7pm. With a 50 min unpaid lunch (that you sometimes won't have time to take), and a 10 min paid break.

    It's not a bad job, if you don't mind being in stress, fighting the clock at all times, and can be back-breaking, too.
    In general, the supervisors and management treat the drivers and loaders as small children.
    Just do as they say, even though you may think it's stupid.

    Good luck !
    (worked in both North and Southside myself - southside just opened up while I was there, and then got transferred south).
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    You forgot the most important advice, Klein.
  4. Blue_Monday

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    Thanks Klein for being honest and straight to the point, good to hear this sort of info straight from the horses mouth and you being in Edmonton doesn't get any closer. You've given me lot's to thing about.

    I want out of my current job and in with a job with a career but not sure if UPS is for me, but I'll go to the interview open minded and armed with questions to interview the interviewer.

    Thanks again.
  5. moreluck

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    But he hasn't worked for UPS for what, 2 years now ??
  6. Blue_Monday

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    So what would your take be on the question?
  7. klein

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    There are currently tons of jobs in Edmonton. Check out the City of Edmonton job site. Maybe transit busdriver is for you ?
    And Kijiji is full of jobs, UPS on it as well there.

    I currently have 2 applications in with the city, hoping to hear something next week.
    Missed a Brewer job, because I couldn't make it to an interview due to a temporary shutdown job, (Genesee Power Plant), I had for the last 3 weeks, and I would have lost double time pay if I missed a day.

    That's ok, Mexico looking great right now, again: All inclusive (flight, resort, drinks, and meals) for under $500 a week. :)

    Oh, and I forgot to mention, UPS doesn't honour Family Day, nor Remembrance Day as Stat holidays.
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  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    ...and you have never worked there or know anything about UPS Canada...

    Klein gave you some good advice--it is unfortunate that he was unable to follow it himself.
  9. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND


    You said you enjoy parts delivery. That is a good indication you would enjoy UPS type work.

    The money is good, the hours long, the work steady. And if you even halfway enjoy delivery, UPS is hard to beat.

    So you have a choice. Life is full of them. Chose wisely, and enjoy life without regrets. Choose poorly, and kick your self in the arse daily for the rest of your life.

    At the end of the day, its all about wise choices. Something Klein knows about personally.

  10. bumped

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    You should make sure this job opening is not a seasonal only job.
  11. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    You know, I just finished a temporary Power Plant shutdown job, as a Confined Space Attendant.
    I really couldn't believe how great the young owner and the staff, supervisors treated all of us.

    They would tell you a job good done, etc.
    Talk to you on a daily basis, and give you credit for just the smallest things we done, which we found just normal.
    The pay was great ($5000+ for 3 weeks).

    And even a nice e-mail that it was a pleasure to have me working for them, and that I'm welcome back next year to the anual shut down procedure.

    I'm just saying all this, because nothing like that at UPS ever existed ! And, I just wasn't used being treated so well and nice.
    Maybe, just maybe, some of you should get a short term job during a vacation, just to find out how other companies treat their people.
    What a huge difference that alone makes.
    And, I bet , some would prefer to make less money, but be treated much better and can give their own advice or suggestions without being ignored.

    One other thing, we didn't even have time cards, but were off at 5pm and still got paid until 5:30 every day.
    Our 15 min breaks were more like 25min, and the half hr lunch , 45min.

    I really liked it there. Too bad, it's not an all year round job.
  12. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    What Klein is saying is that UPS will not kiss you on the lips in gratitude, and wont tuck you into bed each night. If thats the job your looking for, well Klein has the answer where to find them.

  13. moreluck

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    So much changes all the time.... I don't think Klein should be giving UPS tours......things may have changed since he was last there. I never worked for UPS but needed to give a heads up about advice given to Blue. Everything with a grain of salt. As far as Canada UPS....talk to DS. He still works there at least.
  14. Blue_Monday

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    DS? Whats his user name please? I may PM him.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    That is his user name. He is a very knowledgeable member from the Toronto area and I suggest that you pick his brain. You can break the ice by asking him about his new car.
  16. Klein, you do know they have opportunities available in a similar position in northern Japan right now?
  17. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    With all due respect, I do still have contact to UPS drivers here in Edmonton. Just called 1 up last week.
    I know by whom "Blue Monday" will be interviewed by. I know the co-workers he can trust and those he can not.

    And every center does operate a little differently.
    I think Edmonton must be one of the busiest. They always hire full- and part-time drivers straight off the street.
    Preloaders: Lucky to have 1 for a month, before they leave for some better job.

    Blue, who will you see on Monday ? James or Pam ?
  18. moreluck

    moreluck golden ticket member

    Gee, maybe Blue can give your name as a reference !!
  19. menotyou

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    My new car was just hit. more like rammed, by a(not gentleman) person from Quebec with a REALLY BIG motorhome. Hey DS or Klien, ever heard of AVIVA? My poor baby has a yucky boo-boo. :sad-very::angry::sick:
  20. klein

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    AVIVA, Insurance Company ?
    Not sure if we have them here in Alberta.

    I'm a crazy airmile collector. Get most of my services from airmile sponsors (in my case Johnson & Johnson Insurance) gives me free airmiles. :)

    Sorry, you got hit. Hopefully it works out all good for you !