Have Any UPS Pics, Cartoons, etc....

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by upslocal480, Jan 21, 2003.

  1. upslocal480

    upslocal480 Guest

    Does anyone have any pictures of anything UPS or related to UPS. They can be cartoons symbols or anything. I'm looking for some to put on my homepage on AOL. They can even be pictures of actual hubs or centers. Anything! For an example of what I mean just look at my homepage. There is alreay a couple on there......
  2. dammor

    dammor Guest

    Have you lost your mind?
  3. guest

    guest Guest

    Nice close-up of your shoes....
  4. fups

    fups Guest

    i like the new uniforms... ... but what does it look like on the thicker drivers??
  5. upslocal480

    upslocal480 Guest

    HA HA. I haven't seen them on thicker women yet. Nor on ANY women yet and that is the problem. LOL.
  6. kidlogic

    kidlogic Guest

    What I want to know is how he got a picture of my wife!!!!!!!!!!
  7. upslocal480

    upslocal480 Guest

    Oh yeah the shoes. I wasnt aware the picture was being taken until the last second.
  8. trouble1903

    trouble1903 Guest


    I think dammor is right!!! You have lost you mind by putting up that link.
  9. upslocal480

    upslocal480 Guest

    Oh yeah? How so?
  10. trouble1903

    trouble1903 Guest

    I expected to see cartoon or cartoon type pics.
    Not some woman with her butt hanging out of her pants with the caption "the new uniform for the female drivers".
  11. retired

    retired Guest

    I wonder what saintteamo's homepage looks like
  12. ukworker

    ukworker Guest

    How can you support Arsenal? Are you out of your mind? Man Utd all the way!
  13. unbrownbrit

    unbrownbrit Guest

    ukworker, are you one of them rare ManU fans from Manchester then?!

    my old man said be a manu fan, etc....
  14. upslocal480

    upslocal480 Guest

    I clearly stated I that I was asking for ANYTHING related to UPS and then stated that cartoons could just be one of them. Sorry for your dissapointment. I am a guy though and it would have been a bit strange to have put a guy with his butt hanging out on there instead. LOL.

    UWorker....Check the standings buddy. Arsenal is #1. For the time being anyway. It's hard to keep up with them being in the states though. I keep up with them by checking the website 90% of the time but occasioally a game is shown here. It's amazing the crap they'll show over here instead of a good soccer (football) match.
  15. trouble1903

    trouble1903 Guest

    Being a guy is no excuse for something that is in poor taste.
  16. dannyboy

    dannyboy Guest

    Not making any judgements here, but you can tell a lot by the clothes a man wears, how clean he looks, and how he speaks. And I guess in this world of websites, what he thinks is important enough about him/herself that he wants to share with the rest of the world.

    Frankly a bit disappointing.

  17. dannyboy

    dannyboy Guest

    Oh and Kid, you can tell a lot about a man in how he refers to his wife. Especially when she is not around. I guess that makes you cool in your eyes. Shame.

  18. deliver_man

    deliver_man Guest

    Oh and Kid, you can tell a lot about a man in how he refers to his wife. Especially when she is not around. I guess that makes you cool in your eyes. Shame.

    Aww, come on now Danny, that was kind of a cheap shot.
  19. upslocal480

    upslocal480 Guest

    ONLY on this board would that picture on my website piss people off. How pathetic. No sence of humors. People are waaaaaaaaay too judgmental here. That picture that has apparently brought some of your worlds to an end was thought to be quite funny in our center last peak. Some of the drivers came and asked us reloaders if we wanted to see a picture of their driver helper and would show that. We thought it was pretty funny and laughed instead of judging their character for it. Apparently they had sence of humor and weren't too worried about being judged.
  20. fups

    fups Guest

    well hell i enjoyed it!!!! you didn't force anyone to look did YOU??? didn't think so... so be it