Hazmat Mistake

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    Hmm wonder if thats OSHA recordable?
    Pre-load MGR had his MIP revoked this year for a in house Hazmat(screw-up) investigation. They waited 5months before they told him. LOLOLOLOL
    You know calif has some strict rules on that stuff, but if you have to process paint local civilian rules say mix paint with kitty litter let dry then throw in garbage. hazmat saftey siad it could kill a fish. No MIP this year!

    Hazmat responders Chime in!
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    At least the penalty was not substantial. :wink2:
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    welcome to the world of dealing with our gooberment.

    as a small business, you follow the rules that they give you in writing to the letter. but they have the right to change the rules as needed or wanted, without notification, and hold you responsible for those changes.

    in some cases, even though you follow written law, you can still be fined to hell and back, put out of business, and jailed for those little transgressions or violations that are not in writing.

    so he lost some mip. consider himself lucky.


    He's lucky he didn't get canned.