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    Hi, I've been with ups a little while now and was wondering when I reach my full year will they automatically give me my benefits information or do I have to ask for them? When I was first hired I gave hr all my information about me and my dependents. So what steps do I need to take to get my benefits? I just want to be prepared when the time comes. Thanks,
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    I also have another question. Do all new hires have to do the "call in every monday" thing to see if they work that week. I understand if its slow but how long does this usually go on for? Working a little here and there still builds seniority right? Any help?
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    You should not have to request benefit information but it might not hurt to remind you HR person when your year is up, but you need to wait 18 months to get your dependents covered.

    Working a little here and there still build seniority, not sure about calling in every monday, you are either working or not I would talk to a steward about that.
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    I would talk to a steward about the calling in crap. They should have to tell you Friday if they need you or not Monday. They need to give you at least 24 hours notice. If they don't you could file a grievance. I would see your Steward and see what he has to say about the games they are playing.
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    A few weeks before my 1st year anniversary date, I received a detailed packet in the mail on our benefits. You will have to call in before your anniversary date to activate those benefits (for yourself only). Once you hit 18 months, your dependents are then eligible.
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    The thing is I'm laid off but I'm told when laid off I still have to call in Monday. There are a few other guys with low seniority that have to do the same. They wanted us to call in everyday but the steward said only Mondays. I've heard of another hub that was in the same situation. I don't mind doing this really, It keeps my foot in the door and I get to work sometimes. Is there anyone that has been through this? If so, I would love to hear from you.
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    What city or area of the country are you in?