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    Be very cautious when seeking health care from now on.
    During the intake interview the nurse may ask you questions or simply hand you a form to complete.
    The form has questions such as:
    "do you have guns at home?",
    "are the guns loaded?".

    If dealing with a nurse doing the intake, she may skillfully slip these questions in during the interview.
    What do these questions have to do with your particular reason for seeking health care?

    Some people think this is our current administration's way of finding out who has weapons at home and is/are capable of defending themselves.

    If I recall my history lessons from years ago, before Hitler rolled through Poland he sent his people to the local government offices to confiscate records related to gun ownership.

    See any similarities?
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    It's amazing.
    94 views and relegated to page 3 and still no replies.
    I guess we should all wait until they knock on our doors asking for our guns.
    Go America!
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    I have a reply:

    Get over your gun cravings. Nobody wants them or cares. If you are uninsured, and you need healthcare and are denied service, the hospitals have every right to see if a person is dumb enough to come back with a gun and demand healthcare services.

    Its been going on for years.

    Comparing Obama to Hitler? Seriously?

    Clearly your in too deep in the conspiracy thinking. Whats next? Black helicopters hovering over your home?


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    psss tos, since 9-11 blackhawks have been flying up and down the east coast daily.
    those things are really quiet , they are almost on top of you before you hear them.