Hector "Macho" Camacho passed away

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    Rip to a great entertainer in the ring

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Rip. incredibly fast, what a showman in the ring.
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    So sad, his end.

    He won 79 bouts, 38 by KO and lost 6, with 3 draws.

    Starting out in life as a street fighter and car thief on the tough streets of New York's Spanish
    Harlem, Hector "Macho" Camacho became one of boxing's most flamboyant and entertaining showmen
    in the 1980s and 1990s.

    In his younger days, Camacho had phenomenal speed and quickness and, at five-foot five inches tall, won
    six titles in five different weight classes.
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    Also covered in Sports under "Boxing"
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    I just met him in person back in April of this year at the Miami airport on our way to Porto Rico. Its sad, very sad
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    Your post in that forum had the family pulling the plug. This thread reports his untimely death. Either way, 50 is way too young to die.
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    I started mine in the proper place under boxing......the story of his death was not on my Yahoo news page at the time,so I put what was happening and that the family was pulling the plug.....which they did.

    It's SPORTS and it's BOXING.........these 6 or 7 posts are in the wrong spot!!! Argue all you want....you are under the wrong thread.
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    Funny thing - I had never heard of this gentleman but my wife had.

    I never followed boxing so my not knowing of him is not too surprising ... my wife's knowledge surprised me.
    Did he appear on Regis or The View?
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    I'm a rabid boxing fan and his matches against Greg Haugen,Julio Cesar Chavez, twice against Roberto Duran,Sugar Ray Leonard,Felix Trinidad and Oscar Dela Hoya are legendary. He fought EVERYBODY and unlike many 'Champions' never ducked anyone. His defense was INCREDIBLE,and the flashy entrances into the ring are still talked about. He also ENJOYED being the bad guy,he was savvy enough to know what sold tickets
    It's a crying damned shame that his life outside the ring was a shambles. 10 bags of Cocaine were found in the car he was shot in,the driver died on teh scene from GS wounds and I cant help but feel this was a 'Hit'. RIP Hector Camacho
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    I met him back in late 80's with a friend of mine, great show man, RIP Thanks for memories...
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    Agreed..which is why as a society we ought to be seriously reevaluating whether or not it is socially acceptable to pay huge sums of money to men for getting into a ring and literally beating each others brains out.
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    His death was not directly related to boxing. He was killed as part of a drug deal gone bad. The police found 10 kilos of coke, one of which was open, in his car.
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    I have some of my best memories as a kid watching great boxing. These guys these days don't deserve the money anymore.
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    with all due respect The Berto /Guerrero fight last nite on HBO rivaled any 'classic' fight. It was truly one of the best fights(slugfests) in recent years and i hope they will ahve a rematch
    The Welterwight class is better now than it has been since it's Heyday in the 1950's with fighter suchas Floyd Maywether,Timothy Bradley,Paulie Malinaggi to name a few and the Middleweight class is equally exciting with such fighters as Sergio Martinez, Chavez jr, Danile Geale and Peter Quillin The Heavyweight Champs the Klitchkos Brothers are simply outstanding and will reign as champions until THEY decide to retire. They choose to fight in Europe and arent as flashy as past champions so they get little to no stateside press,however that dosent diminsh their abilities.

    I think we are entering a new 'Golden age' of boxing with the amazing amount of talent in all of the weightclasses,and I eagerly await the next Pacquiao-Marquez fight. Manny Pacquiao is one those rare fighters a la Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard who transcend boxing and become great stars
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