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    This is the second time I've posted here, but I felt that it would be appropriate to re-introduce myself in the hopes that I'll become a more permanent resident here this time (in other words, if I don't get fired before the probationary period ends).

    I was a helper the last two peaks, but I've been doing something else for the last 5 months. I've been trying to balance work and school, but it's just not working since I can't get guaranteed days off and class/work are both during the day. That's what led me to look into working at UPS again--the knowledge that I'll actually be able to take a class or two during the day with no interference from pesky jobs. The tuition reimbursement helps too (my current job has that, but you have to justify why it's related to what you do or plan to do within the company).

    The irony of the whole situation is that while I had no intention of pursuing a FT position driving in the long term, at this point I think I may be insane to pass that up if the opportunity should present itself. As much as I want to finish school and get my degree, I'm just not the type of person that can sit behind a desk all day.
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    That scenario probably relates to most of the older drivers here.
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    Sounds like the preload or the twilight sort would work out best for you. Preload is early morning (4:00 AM) but is much easier to get on and gain seniority because the hours and the job sucks. Twilight (5:00 PM to 6:00 PM start in my building) is much more desirable hours for most people. Off before 10:00 PM every night. Tuition reimbursement is sort and building specific. Meaning it is another carrot for the jobs UPS can not fill for the hard work and low wages.
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    I've never heard anybody say anything good about preload, but it always sounded fun to me. Trying to load the PCs with the right packages and in exactly the right spot. I just don't like the hours. I am definitely not an early morning person. Twilight would have been great, except I'm going to be juggling two jobs for at least two weeks, and the twilight shift would have overlapped with my day job (which is on the other side of town, no less).

    I've been hired for a midnight shift job, so probably starting and ending at (or more likely between) 10 and 4?