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    Hey all, I got hired as a seasonal driver. I busted my ass to the point where I was rocking short sleeves throughout all of the winter except maybe a few days when it was dipping into the single digits. I was scratch 8 times through peak, every single day leaving the building at 10am at the earliest. I had 3 supervisors and my center manager tell me I was being hired on full time. Jan 14th I have an on-road sup with me and the day ends with him saying "Congrats on getting the job. You were the only one they're keeping on as a driver." I get back after my route Jan 15th and some sup tells me the union is giving them :censored2: about hiring me and they can only give me a pt air driver position. My union steward is calling bs on them. According to all the drivers, they're extremely understaffed and need to hire more drivers. The drivers are telling me to find a way to sneakily touch a ground package so I'm automatically made a ft driver due to the contract. The sups are now telling me I need to do pt air for 60 days until I can actually bid on a route. Should I actually go that route or just say F-it and find something else?
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    Sups can't just hire you because they like you. That's not how it works in a union shop. Talk to steward.
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    I talked to him. He’s saying management is just bs’ing everything and the union wants me. I’m just trying to get perspective as to whether this 60 day thing is legit or just a way to squeeze work out of me for less money.
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    Work PT for 60 days and the company can hire you as an inside employee. The company has to hire 6 inside for every 1 outside for a FT position.
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    From my understanding if you were an outside hire for seasonal driving then you should just suck it up and be their little bitch for 60 days. Be grateful for the opportunity since there are plenty of drivers like you sitting at home right not getting called back for months maybe even never.
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    Air driving is one of the easiest jobs at UPS but the pay sucks and only a 3 hour guarantee. Sometimes they will throw some ground on you just to keep you interested. Top driver rate for the day.
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    If it’s legit I absolutely agree with you. Apparently the steward will be speaking with management today and I’ll see what comes from that.