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    Hey guys! I'm new to the forum and am excited to ask questions in regards to working at UPS. I work at CACH in Hodgkins, IL, and I had a question about the Earn and Learn program. I just started my semester at school, and the UPS Earn and Learn program has provided me with a voucher. This will be my last semester not as a student but a UPS employee. I plan to get this semester out of the way so UPS can pay for it, and afterward just take the summer off, a vacation I desperately need, and take my education seriously without the stress of work getting in the way. My question is, do I have to wait to quit (with a two-week notice) until my semester at school is over or until the Earn and Learn Program pays that semester? I'll be receiving my Associates Degree, but I won't receive it until my tuition and fees are paid off. I have friends who are still waiting to see their grades from last semester because the Earn and Learn program has not paid their tuitions yet from last semester. How does this work?
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    I hear CACH sucks.