Hello everyone. Long time listener, first time caller


2020 Olympic Preload Gold Medalist
So I just started with UPS this Tuesday as a preloader. I have my own business and hopefully going to get on for the benefits. I couldn't really care less about the pay, but the benefits are second to none. Tuesday, me and the guy training me loaded 4 trucks and it was busy. Yesterday, I did three by myself, as well as today (thursday). I was sore the first day, but the kinks appear to be getting worked out. Overall my experience has been great as I know most all of the drivers there as they have been on the route for my business the last 12 years. Just wanted to say hello and that the experience thus far is what I have been told. Alot of moving, lifting and very fast paced. The guys I have been working with are all good dudes and most everyone just keeps to themselves and does their jobs. One thing I was taken back by is the amount of drivers that show up early and go through their trucks and help preload for about the last 20-30 minutes. Not all, but several. No mis-loads in my first two days so far!
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