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    Hello everybody, just recently found this website when looking up some information on the I-9 stuff. I've been working at UPS for 4 years now and in school going for my A&P license. I was just wondering who should I talk to for information in getting a job as an UPS airline mechanic after I get my license?
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    Send Disorganized Labor a PM. He should be able to tell you all that you want to know.

    Stay away from the Local 2727 thread. It will quickly change your mind about wanting to be an AMT.
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    Good luck with the school. Hopefully you are young, as most UPS AMT's are 40 years old or older. 9/11 devistated our industry and many carriers send their work overseas, especially for heavy checks. Heard of other UPSers trying to cross over to aircraft maintenance, company will want you to quit your present job before applying. Plus there have been over 160 layoffs country wide, so it might take a while for you to get on with UPS, sorry.