Hello UPSers! Could I get some help before I crash and burn? :-)

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    I'm starting tomorrow with a supervisor as my first full week. I went through training last week and rode with a driver Friday. He taught me some stuff and let me deliver a few packages myself with the DIAD. I kind of have a handle on residential driver release and signature. Plus CIR. But There is so much to learn in the DIAD and that's my biggest worry. I plan to take the time on my own time to drive and study whatever route they assign to me as a training route. I honestly don't know how to log into the DIAD my first day to clock in. LOL

    I've been reading the books on Amazon written by Damien Albino. I've tried logging into UPSers.com but it won't let me with my employee driver ID number, with a password of the first two of my last name, last two/year of birth, and last two of the employee driver ID. Do you guys have any idea why it isn't working? I really want to get a start on this DIAD training so that I don't get confused in front of the supervisor. :-) You would think that UPS would have an online tool to train on it all we want. :-)
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    help him before he gets married
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    Don't sweat the Diad stuff.
    The training stuff they gave us last year for peak on the DIAD was worthless. I would avoid learning how to use it "on paper".
    That comes easily with practice. I know it, and I'm not even a driver. ;)

    You might not be in the UPSers database yet. I know at my center, they mess that stuff up all the time.

    I take it you're an off the street hire?
    Get ready to hustle. It's the only way you'll survive.
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    r you the new tadpole
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    Too late. :-)
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    Yes, I'm a newbie. I'm a worker so there won't be an issue there. I had my own lawn company in Florida for 15 years. So this should be pretty easy or right along those lines of managing a business and the labor involved with the work. :-) At least I won't be in the 94f or 105f heat index in SW Florida anymore. We moved back to Indiana.
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    I just don't want to look like a maroon when they show me 10 steps to logging into the DIAD in the morning. Plus all the variables of logging out and back in when necessary. I wish I could train for this first.
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    don’t listen to these guys, the DIAD training is excellent, take it
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    If you see a green light on your diad when returning to the hub, ignore it.
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    “Should be pretty easy”

    No it wont

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    No worries I ignore red lights too. :-)
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    When you grab your diad in the morning you enter your last name in the name field, then you enter your employee ID in the employee ID field. Don't change the code (should be 06) unless directed to. Verify start time in the board is the actual start time you are scheduled for, not necessarily the time you punch in.

    You shouldn't be logging in and out of the diad but once each day. To punch out you make sure all edd work is complete, do the turn in for COD's, or override if you don't have any, then punch out. You enter breaks and lunch in the breaks/lunch screen, which is accessed through the time card menu (option 5 from the main menu screen).

    Did you mow 200 lawns a day?
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    Do UPS drivers mow 200 lawns a day? No. It's an apples and oranges comparison. I mowed around 20 lawns a day in the dirt, heat, and rain with wet grass while working on break downs constantly. Then sharpening blades and dealing with customers billing when I got home at night. :-) For a lousy $30k a year. Managing a business, being a laborer, and marketing the business. The lawn business has way too much overhead and it's a constant battle with repairs and customers that don't want to pay.
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    I know, that's the point I was making, while trying to be funny. Just be prepared for your body to have to adjust to the difference in type and amount of activity driving will require.