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    I just got hired on with Fed Ex as a driver. II stumbled upon this site and found it very interesting. I couldn't find a FedEx forum that was this size or this good, so I hope you'll forgive a rival from coming in! I had some experience as a delivery driver in the past. I have a college degree and worked in corporate America (government sector) for quite some time and I learned to despise it. I got tired of seeing (a lot of) money wasted on frivolous things, whiny co workers, incompetent bosses, and occasionally instances of blatant corruption, sexual harassment, racism, drunk supervisors, violations of ADA/AA policies, etc etc. I've always in the back of my mind thought it would be a sweet deal to be able to work for FedEx/UPS as a driver. I saw an opening and pounced on it. I had a pro resume made and got a nice suit for the interview, tests, etc and was generally aggressive about the application process just to have a better chance. Luckily I got the job! I went on a ride a long and did really well. I really enjoyed it and can see my self doing this for a long time. The boss is awesome and I hit it off with the other drivers instantly.

    It's so refreshing to get out of my old environment where negativity permeates everything. People were excited to be getting a package and I got to be out and about seeing people I haven't seen for awhile. I'm not afraid to work long and hard and look forward to starting. I always assumed UPS/FedEx were two identical companies, but I'm starting to see a distinct diversion in managerial styles, corporate culture, etc. It matters not to me, I couldn't ask for a better boss and the other drivers are helpful and friendly. I look forward to reading some funny stories on here and maybe posting a few eventually. Anyone have any advice on what I should or shouldn't do? The only thing that I noticed were that the drivers seemed to be on their phones coordinating things a lot, so I'm going to upgrade my old crappy one. I also bought some expensive shoes since I'll be on my feet all day. Am I missing anything? Thanks.