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    Morning all,
    Have been a visitor here for a bit and thought i'd go ahead and register.
    Bit of intro: Started PT w/ Express 03-2010. Hired off the street as a courier. Worked FO rte and helped on PO service for first year as well as a Sat rte. Went ft 03-2011 had a great rte (50/50 comm/Resi) near home. Was ave 90/100 stps a day and taking a split at home nearly every day. Too bad the rte was "retired"/merged. Now doing the daily grind at the area mall and surrounding. Can't wait for another gridlock peak sitting in mall parking lot... Still low man on totem at the station and probaly will be forever.
    We have a 2nd home in the mnts. and I am doing that domicile rte(s) to cover vactions. hoping to take it and move there as a semi retirement gig. Current guy has 3-4yrs left and as far as I can tell no one else at station will bid for the rte.
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    Welcome to the forum and good luck on getting the domicile gig.