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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by silly person, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. silly person

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    I'm in a pretty silly situation, but hopefully someone on here can reply and make me rest a little easier. I'm applying to work the early morning shift at UPS and need to go in for a tour tomorrow. Here's the problem: at my first interview the lady said come in at 4:30. I THINK she said 4:30 AM. But I'm not positive, and I'm currently shaking in my books that she actually meant afternoon. Can someone here reassure me a little--if I'm applying for a morning job will they definitely want me to come in for the morning tour?

    Man, I feel stupid. Thanks for the help.
  2. trickpony1

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    Most of the groups that I see on tour at my facility occur in the afternoon.
    How long they sit in the classroom talking....I don't know but I do see them walking (goose stepping) towards the operations during the sort around 5-6 PM.
    To further verify my contention....would you guess that ANY Human Resources person would be awake and chomping at the bit to give a tour at 4 in the morning?.....not gonna happen.
    You can see the same thing going on (the sort) in the afternoon as you can at 4 in the morning (same sort....different time)

    My guess is the person you talked to meant 4 in the afternoon but I could be wrong. Why don't you call them?
  3. I <3 a UPS employee

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    If you filled out the application via the site- you can go on and check what time your group session is. I agree with TrickPony that the HR person probably won't wake that early to give you the group tour. But, at my facility- they give the group tours at six or seven, the nightload does not get in til six. It would also make sense to have the group tour in the morning to ensure that everyone is capable of getting up early in the morning. It really is a toss up as to when your group tour will be. Best bet- check the website or give her a call. Good luck in your group tour and the interview session. Keep us informed as to how things go!
  4. Usually they have the tour during the shift you are appling for so that you see what it is you will be doing. That way they won't go through the hassle of filling out all the paperwork and training someone that after the first day of doing the job quits because it was not what they expected. So, most likely she meant 4:30 AM, I would just go in the morning. Not to make you fret anymore but did she say the tour was at 4:30 or to get there by then.
  5. silly person

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    Well, the reason I was asking here is because I can't seem to check anywhere else. I did apply on but they don't seem to be posting information about my appointments there for whatever reason. And I can't seem to find a number anywhere to contact the facility I'm touring. It's a bit maddening.

    Thanks for the replies!
  6. toonertoo

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    Id be there at 430am just to be on the safe side. And if its not let someone in a suit know you were there. Just in case you went to the wrong door or something...
  7. helenofcalifornia

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    When they have cattle calls for the preload shift here ("early morniong shift" to the silly applicant), they always are here in the morning. I wouldn't know about the afternoons since I am still driving, but wouldn't it interfere with the outgoing air operation?
  8. Working4TheBene's

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    Hi Silly Person.

    I would also tend to think that if you are applying for the AM pre-loader position, you would show up at 4:30AM. I know that at my center, they usually have the person come in for the tour at the time the shift begins, and then have them sit around for 15 minutes, then begin the tour once the pre-loaders are at their assigned stations...So it is definitely possible to be 4:30am because a lot of pre-load shifts begin at around 4, 4:15, 4:30, and at latest, I've seen at 5AM.

    Hope this helps... Good luck!
  9. mittam

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    My center they always bring tours of new hires through in the AM as we are working, the "if they are going to work this shift then bring 'em through at this time".
  10. switchoff

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    I'm sure they're so desperate for warm bodies they would not hold anything against you even if you did show up at the wrong time. I'd go for the 4:30pm time because it would really suck if you showed up in the a.m. just to have to turn around and head back home to try to go back to sleep.
  11. They bring fresh fish in during the morning hours here
  12. Working4TheBene's

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    I would still contend that if you are applying for the AM shift, then AM is when you should show up. The HR person is usually around before the AM shift starts and does the tours for the AM applicants.

    (There are also PM HR people as well... but again, they handle the PM current employee issues as well as new hires for the twilight PM shifts.)
  13. aspenleaf

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    If you applied for the sunrise shift your tour will be at 4:30 AM. Be early and sign in with the guards. Not sure about your building but our HR people are there all shifts and we have tours on the shift that people apply.
  14. silly person

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    Sounds to me like it's a pretty good bet going in the morning. Thanks for the advice, folks! Here's hoping to getting the job soon--for some reason I'm pretty eager to start putting the hurt on my back.
  15. aspenleaf

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    Silly Person ~ Follow the methods and your back won't hurt! I love working the sunrise shift and hope you enjoy the work. Keep us posted on your UPS adventure and don't forget to drink tons of water, before, during and after your shift.
  16. Leftinbuilding

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    I would definitely be there at 4:30 am. And not at 4:31. Our HR person locks the door at tour start time. No late arrivals are allowed in.
  17. MissedBusiness

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    I see large groups of new peeps every day. There mus be huge turnover
  18. Working4TheBene's

    Working4TheBene's New Member

    Basically work smarter and not harder.... keep that in mind and you and your back will be fine.....
  19. internetuser

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    4:30AM, man. I think the tour will impress you lifelong.