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  1. Ive been a driver for over a year, never really did get any on-car training regarding methods. Busted my butt for the last year with 18 - 20 spor every day and coming in under 9-5. So I never raised a red flag to get a ride along until later this week. PAS is here and we have managers doing our Edd training.
    What are some major things that I might be missing regarding my methods? What are the most important ones.

    I know the 3 points of contact,
    Back only when ness.
    Brake, key, lock, package, door, diad.
    sheeting your next stop on the way back to the truck.

    In other words, what should I start doing..

    Thanks guys.
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    No need to record the next stop, that's what EDD is for. Your trainer will have a hard copy of what's in your diad. He will expect you to follow EDD even if it is out of order. Forget sorting, but expect to go on a search and destroy mission to find the packages. Expect to take your entire lunch (as you should be).

    BTW, they rode with me 4 1/2 days (EDD training) trying to figure out why I was running almost 2 hours over and under 8. Adjustments were made to my DOL and brought the "over-allowed" down to an hour.

    Good Luck.
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    You didnt send up a red flag, they are suppose to give you a ride every year.
    remember (not in order)
    leave yourself an out,
    keep your eyes moving,
    make sure they see you (horns, lights, eye contact)
    get the big picture
    It is an acronym~(is that what its called) AGKLM all good kids like milk. I cant for the life of me remember a at this moment, but its stuff you do every day without thinking about it at this point.
    Work as usual, take your breaks when you normally do, and you will be fine. If you have someone you enjoy with you, keep conversation to a minimum, or youll pass stuff by. Talk at breaks, let them buy.
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    Keep the bulkhead door closed, do everything properly. Don't let him rush you. If you come in scratch with the sup on your car you'll get no end to the grief if you run over allowed after he's gone.
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    I know driver's in our center that still feel the need to prerecord ALL their stops. I don't get it. They're actually wasting time doing this. I understand drivers that start early doing this since when they start all of EDD may not be in the system yet for them to download. But otherwise, why:confused:1
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    Also remember to look over your left shoulder and use your directional when pulling away from the curb, and always pull your mirror in when on any main roadway.
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    this is from pickup's girlfriend hacking his account ( so stupid in his choice of a password -easy to guess)

    Anyway, pickup has on the refrigerator door , the five keys of what All Good Kids Like Milk is all about . The A stands for Aim high in steering. and under that is stuff about scanning ahead and keeping a safe following distance.

    Hope it helped and let's see if my significant other is swift enough to catch this tomorrow when he is scanning these posts as opposed to cleaning up the dishes from the food HE eats and leaving them dirty in the sink when I come home
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    Know your five seeing habits,and 10 commatary Points, and 8 rules of backing. We have to recite these Word for Word on our Rides.
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    how'd you guys work with out edd?
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    Not a chance in hell! Im not sticking my hand or head out that door to look to see is another vehicle is coming without that mirror! Let the car take the mirror out! Mirrors are cheaper then my head or hand!
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    If he insists on talking while your trying to drive make sure you pass the house and walk it off. After passing 4 or 5 houses i bet he'll shut up. Dont let him buy lunch.. he'll think you owe him..Hell No!! Dont stop complete until you are about to step back on truck. This is important ..Even at apts. This will reduce your over-allowed.
    Remember your a number to them not a friend. Work consistantly and you'll make retirement or feeder.
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    Dont worry, and try not to take it too seriously.

    Remember that you are being managed by someone who in all reality could not possibly do your job.

    Also remember that even if you do everything perfectly, your sup will just make things up to write you up for. He has to justify his own job, he has less job security than you, and he has to make it look like he is actually acomplishing something by going out on car with you for a whole day.
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    If this is EDD training they may not be doing an OJS or Space and Vis. But you will want to remember to follow methods anyway.
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    I did timestudy quite a few years ago (actually closer to 20). I have a buddy that does them now. What you mentioned about stop complete isn't true. Not sure where you heard that. The time study determines the allowance based on the work you did. (ex number of stops in each delivery area, number of delv pkgs, number of pu pkgs, number of pu stops in each area. Accessorials such as COD's etc. Plus also miles you enter. The computer then breaks those miles out between to\fr area and on area miles. What you do, such as when you stop complete doesn't get impacted by the overallowed. The overallowed is just a comparison of how long it took you vs what the individual elements are times the allowance.
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    back in the day it was called a clipboard an paper.
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