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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by The Cardinal, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. The Cardinal

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    To All fellow Drivers that have a route with Tall buildings
    I know technically the customer paid to have the shipment delivered to his/her threshold. But having a route that is consistent with largely multi unit buildings over time takes its toll on you knees going to the 3rd floor 20 or 30 time a day carrying heavy packages.So I want to read suggestions and comments of what have you done to get the customer to the entry door to sign for the packages. I have tried couple of them but were nor successful. so what is your way
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I assume from your post that the buildings in question do not have an elevator or using the stairs is much quicker than waiting for the elevator. I also assume that the stairs are not hand-cart friendly. The only multiple story buildings I have on my route are senior-citizen homes, so having them come to the door and accept their pkgs is not an option, and a medical office bldg, which is equipped with an elevator, so delivery to each office is not that big of a deal. I can only suggest that you group deliveries for the same floor or adjacent floors together and try to make as few trips up and down the stairs as possible. I would caution against relying on the consignee coming down to meet you as you would probably be up and down the stairs long before they make it down to the door. Of course, you would have the consignee who would be kind enough to meet you at the door only to say that they can't carry the pkg back upstairs so you have defeated the purpose. I would say that your options are limited and you need to assess your deliveries on a daily basis to maximize your efficiency and limit your trips up and down the stairs. I would caution against relying on the consignee to meet you at the door as this would be the exception rather than the rule.
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    Get a new route so you wear out different parts of your body. Banging down rural dirt roads is murder on your upper back, but my knees are ok-ish:punk:
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    Cardinal, you must have an unbelievable work ethic. How many drivers would schlepp 20 boxes each 3 stories? "NI 1, here I come!"
    Give us some details on the stops, please. I assume that these are residential since a business wouldn't be in such an awkward location.
    Do you wrap your knees?

    I would love to see the time study on your route.LOL
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    If you want to save your knees, ankles and shoulders, bid a route with a newer package car. I got a new one with power steering and the lower step off in '95 and would never take another route with one of the old high beasts with regular steering. I couldn't believe how much better my knees and shoulders felt. In 2001, I got an automatic,which I never thought I would like, and my clutch leg felt better. This helped me last and retire healthy in 2006.
    I also stayed away from routes with a lot of multi level buildings. It is a lot easier to unload bulkstops out the back door onto a dock.
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    I can go a week without seeing a 2nd floor. I have one 3 story apt with an elevator that I get occasionally.
  7. Griff

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    Bid off the route before it's too late. All of the guys in our building that have these types of routes are headed for double knee replacement. When I do these I use the dolly and drag it up the steps backwards, but it blows your shoulders out.
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    Go to the feeder dept...then you'll have to worry about your weight. Either way you choose, it's a no win situation.
  9. paidslave

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    What really works a lot for me is when you ring the doorbell, call in the intercomm, "It is UPS at your front door" Lots of times they will hear front door and immediatly they will come down to meet you.....Works 1 out of 2 times for me..Multipackage stops ask them to come and meet you because you are waiting for other tennants that are coming down..Make that a habit and before you know it all your customers will be looking for you!

    Works for me! :happy-very:
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    I thank all of who have responded. First of all let me clarify something here, and that is rarely I get multi packages for the same person at the third floor. what I meant is during the course of the day I found myself going to the 3rd floor delivering a packing about 20 to 30 a day. I needed some suggestion as to how to invite the resident down unstead of me going upstairs. and please... let's us not be judgmental here I have an excellent work ethics and I enjoy doing my route. I think Paidslave is the only one who correctly understood my point