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  1. madwhmax

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    I worked as driver helper and it was awesome but the season is over and I applied for package handler (loader) and I really really hope I can go back to UPS (my application is still pending). I'm planning to go to Lake Washington Tech College and do Multimedia Design & Production (MMDP), would I get help with tuition from UPS with this? Or would I have to choose from specific programs and classes? From what I read on this site and on the net it seems that the program doesn't matter but I would absolutely love some confirmation. Thanks.
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    UPS is pretty liberal with the course selection, however not every educational institution is eligible. You wouldn't find out if your particular course or institution is eligible until you join UPS and contact the tuition assistance program.

    BTW..not every hub provides tuition assistance. Make sure you confirm the hub you're interested in takes part in the program.
  3. FracusBrown

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    Just about any legitimate school is eligible.

    There may be some special programs, but the basic tuition reimbursement plan is universal throughout the domestic US.
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    I know for a fact that there are hubs in the US that do not provide tuition assistance as I researched this a few months ago.
    The pattern seems to be hubs that have the higher turnover rate or more volume participate in the reimbursement to attract more prospective new hires (just a guess). The rep from tuition assistance emphasized this point on the phone.
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    Thank you for your responses. And yes, the hub in Redmond has tuition assistance, where they hired me for driver helper. I hope the one in Seattle has too, because that's where I could only apply for package handler.