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    Hi, i am taking the part-time sup test next week and i want to pass. i am in school and this is best for me.. I was wondering what kind of math is on the test so i can review, everyone i seem to ask doesnt know or remember. also i know they want consistancy but can i answer with "sometimes" or "not all the time" or slightly agree", or do they want a SOLID yes or no so i dont screw up. any help would be great

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    No math, atleast for the part time Sup test I remember.
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    Sups are really not supposed to give out what's on the test. I asked my friend and she told me that it's just basic math. I would assume graphs and percentages. (just think of what kind of math you would use when being a sup) truck percentages and hourly flow stuff. I don't know and I'm not a sup but that's just what I would assume from watching my supervisor work for 3 years.
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    Yeah, every time I've heard people discuss taking the test it was always said as "basic math" I'd assume addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and perhaps some simple algebra, like you have 2 hourlies unloading a feeder, they go this fast, how much faster will they get it done together as opposed to separately...
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    You sign a non-disclosure when you take the test. That's why nobody is giving you a straight answer. There are examples of questions on UPSers if you want to know what kind of questions are on the test.
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    i appreciate the responses, the math doesn't seem bad. I worry about the wordy problems, lets say somone has 3 misloads, my response natually would be to have a reasonable conversation, if it exceeded that, then a didpline. and i guess they ask the same question differently and i have to use the answer i put for the previous problem, constistancy... am i right?
  7. It is basic math, Reading Comprehensions, and Morals/Standard and Common Sense
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    Think 9th grade proficiency test. LOL JK :happy2:
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    I'd say lower based on what I had to know, but given how much they keep dumbing down schools you might need to complete the 9th grade now to know how to do what's on the test.
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    Here's the math portion of the test. It consists of only one question:

    The main conveyor belt in your unload can handle 10,000 parcels an hour. If you run it at 100% capacity for 30 minutes, 10% capacity for the next 10 minutes, 50% capacity for the next 15 minutes and 75% capacity for the last 5 minutes, how many floors does the tallest building in Toledo Ohio have?
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