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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Johnnyboy130, May 7, 2008.

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    Hi , I'm taking the Part time Supervisor test tomorrow and was wondering what type of Math questions are on the test . Its been a very long time since i have used fractions and percentages and was told that they are on the test. Yet no one seems to remember the type of question it was formatted in .Also is the pay increase worth becoming a part time supervisor , I have no desire to drive for UPS and working double shifts would most likely kill me over time (If i didnt kill someone first )lol . My main objective right now is money .I have been with UPS for 3 years as a Loader /Pickoff. When i work i work hard , but now the job seems to be taking a toll on my body . Any Info into the Math questions on the test or The best route to take within UPS to bring home a better paycheck would be appreciated . Thank you Johnnyboy130.
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    Example one:
    Jim has 25 preloaders and 7 call in sick on a Friday. If he adds an extra car to 5 of the remaining loaders, how many extras will he have to call in to work that day if the Center Manager cuts the usual 5 routes on a Friday?

    Example two: (for oncar sup test)
    Jim is a supervisor that has 10 drivers with their own bid routes on a Friday. He also has 4 cover drivers. If he runs extra routes and uses all his drivers, they can all be in in 8.5 hours. How many routes does he have to cut so that they will all have 10.5 hours and work their butts off and skip lunch to get in at a decent time on a Friday and make him look good while he is popping open a beer or watching his kid's baseball game at 6:00?
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    You said you work hard. That automatically disqualifies you.

    Percentages shouldn't be too difficult. I think the only percentage you need to know is 95% as that's what all PT sups say their loads are.
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    The best route to take within UPS to bring home a better paycheck (aside from driving, since you don't want to) is to stay part-time union, use the Earn to Learn credits for a degree, and get a job somewhere else. Part-time sup work can pay off though, if your operations are short-staffed. PT sups in my hub are double and triple shifting all the time. My only recommendation, based on my own experiences, is to not accept any job at UPS that is SALARY and not HOURLY (PT sups are hourly in my book, when they get overtime after 5.5). Don't put yourself in a position where you get paid the exact same if you work 40 hours a week or 70. Because trust me, you'll be working the 70.
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    Bring crayons. Leave common sense at the door. Drink the elixir they give you that allows you to selectively forget what it was like to be a preloader. How's your blank stare? If you don't have one, imagine what a baboon would look like if it was looking at a thesaurus.
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    DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!! You will be miserable. Any prospective monetary gains is not worth it.
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    Hey johnnyboy,if you ever do come back to see what we thought here in the BC...I gotta agree with Cement...PT sup at ups 95% pressure 5% pay...unless you can live on beer money,good luck.
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    man u think its bad now wait till the but that tie around your neck. Q? why do mgrs where ties? A. to keep their foreskin back.
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