Here Is the Bear Case Against UPS

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    Here Is the Bear Case Against UPS - The Street

    Investors should prepare for United Parcel Service shares to keep falling if broad market conditions continue to deteriorate. Our team at Foundation Investing has been stalking this short since the middle of last year. Both macro and micro headwinds make UPS an attractive bear vehicle.

    The United Parcel Service earns almost 75% of its revenues from deliveries within the United States. Unfortunately, many important U.S. economic indicators are starting to roll over. This is a bad sign for the economy. And a bad economy means fewer deliveries for UPS.
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    That's what they've said every economic downturn since the Great Depression. And we just keep getting busier and busier.
    The world is lazy. They want it delivered to their door now.
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    2008 - 2010 says different.