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    This is off the teamsters website, sorry it is so long

    OCTOBER 18, 2007
    Leaders of local unions that represent
    UPS workers fromacross the United
    States unanimously voted to endorse
    the tentative UPS national agreement on
    Thursday,October 11, paving the way for
    ballots to be prepared and sent to
    For employees currently covered by the Central States Pension Fund,
    CSI employees and employees in Puerto Rico:
    • A new pension plan will be created, administered by an equal number
    of trustees appointed by the union and UPS.
    • All full-time service under Central States, or the current pension
    plan covering employees in Puerto Rico,will be credited to determine
    service pension benefit eligibility under the new plan.
    • The new plan will restore the service pensions benefits previously
    cut by Central States:
    • Employees with 35 years of service can retire at any age
    with $3,500 per month;
    • Employees with 30 years at any age will receive $3,000
    per month plus an additional $100 per month for years
    over 30 to a maximum of $3,500 per month;
    • Employees with 25 years prior to age 57 will receive
    $2,000 per month;
    • Employees with 25 years and 57 or older will receive
    $2,500 per month plus an additional $100 per month
    for years over 25 to a maximum of $3,500 per month.
    • If the amount of the service pension benefit is greater than the
    benefit based on the amount calculated bymultiplying the accrual
    rate by the number of years of service, you will receive the service
    benefit. If the accrual calculation is greater, you will receive
    the benefit based on the accrual.
    • UPS will guarantee payment of the full amount of benefits you
    have earned at Central States and will earn from future work under
    the new plan. In the unlikely event any benefits are reduced by
    Central States, UPS will pay the difference to ensure you get your
    full retirement entitlement.
    • Retiree health insurance will be provided by Central States, but
    premiums have been reduced to $200 per month for single coverage
    and $400 per month for retiree and spouse coverage. These
    rates are guaranteed for the life of the contract. Retirees will be
    eligible for health insurance at age 55, a reduction fromthe current
    age 57.
    • There is no reduction in the amount of benefits you receive from
    the new plan for any benefits you receive fromSocial Security.
    You keep the benefits you earn and also the Social Security benefit
    to which you are entitled.
    Full Time:
    General wage increases each year, one-half payable every six months
    (August 1 and February 1):
    • Starting in August ’08: 70 cents
    • Starting in August ’09: 75 cents
    • Starting in August ’10: 75 cents
    • Starting in August ’11: 85 cents
    • Starting in August ’12: 95 cents
    • Full-time employees currently in progression, and those entering
    progression beforeAugust 1, 2008 will be paid in accordance with
    the current progression schedule.Only those entering a package
    car driving, feeder or other full-time job (other than an air driver
    job) after August 1, 2008 will be in a 36-month progression.
    • Package driver start rate goes up to $16.10 (from $14.70).
    2 | UPS Contract Update | October 18, 2007
    Major Benefit Contribution Gains
    October 18, 2007 | UPS Contract Update | 3
    • Part-time employees will receive the same general wage increases
    as full time employees.
    • New hires will receive a $1 per hour increase after 90 calendar days
    of employment (up from 50 cents).
    • Part-time employees currently in progression, and those entering
    progression beforeAugust 1, 2008 will be paid in accordance with
    the current progression schedule.
    • Part timers with less than six months seniority can bid for preferred
    jobs (before hiring off the street).
    • For employees hired afterAugust 1, 2008, paid holidays, personal
    days and options after one year.
    • Part-time employees won’t lose red-circled rate if they transfer
    from one full-time inside job to another full-time inside job.
    PremiumServices (Article 43):
    • Mileage rates will increase each August 1 and February 1 to reflect
    the hourly general wage increases.
    • Employees entering a mileage job before August 1, 2008 will be
    paid in accordance with the current contract.
    • Employees entering a mileage job after August 1, 2008, who have
    not completed a full-time progression, will be paid based upon the
    current progression rate, starting at 70 percent; seniority + 1 year =
    80 percent; seniority + 2 years = 90 percent; seniority + 3 years=
    top rate.
    Strengthening Non-Economic Language
    The following changes would be implemented immediately upon ratification
    of the agreement:
    SupervisorsWorking (Article 3.7):
    • Penalties will be increased to double-time for the actual time the
    supervisor worked, or the employee’s daily guarantee, whichever is
    Competition andNew Jobs (Article 26):
    • No feeder driver with more that three years of seniority shall be
    laid off because loads have been put on the rails.
    • We will maintain our current number of 22.3 jobs for the life of the
    • To expand work opportunities, the employer will consider removing
    loads from the rails. Jobs created by doing this will be counted
    toward 22.3 jobs.
    • The National Negotiating Committee is specifically authorized to
    file grievances alleging subcontracting violations, in addition to the
    authority of the local union at the point of origin of the subcontracting.
    “9.5” (Article 37):
    • A new procedure allows employees who do not want excessive
    overtime to sign a list limiting their hours of work for a five-month
    period. Employees who do not want to work overtime will be protected
    from abusive dispatching by increasing penalties for violation
    of “9.5” language to triple-time.
    • If the company improperly denies a “request 8,” the employee will
    be provided penalty pay equal to two hours at his/her straight time
    Subcontracting (Article 32):
    • The new contract prohibits the company from arguing that it can
    subcontract bargaining unit work solely because it would be less
    expensive to do so.
    • UPS cannot discharge any employee on a first offense based upon
    data from GPS unless the company proves intent to defraud.
    TAW(Article 14):
    • For those employees who have been injured on the job and are able
    to perform temporary alternative work (TAW), the company will
    make reasonable efforts to ensure that the employee’s normal work
    hours are not changed significantly and that the temporary assignment
    will begin no more than two hours earlier or two hours later
    than their normal start time, provided work is available.
    SafetyAccess (Article 18, preamble):
    • A new procedure is in place to grant union representatives access to
    company property and facilities for the purpose of investigating
    safety and health issues which will speed up the process.
    ProtectionAgainst Losses for Improper Checks:
    • The company will install a program on the DIAD to prompt the
    driver if a particular method of payment is to be accepted for
    Protection fromSupervisorAlteration of DIADInformation:
    • A supervisor cannot alter information from the DIAD without the
    employee’s knowledge. No supervisor can use an employee’s DIAD
    in the employee’s name, unless the employee is present, even if the
    supervisor wants to use the DIAD for training or demonstration
    Penalties for Failure to Pay GrievanceAwards/Settlements:
    • In the event the company fails to promptly pay a grievance award
    or settlement, it will make penalty payments on the same basis as it
    currently pays penalties for other shortages.
     Prevents UPS from replacing good full-time jobs with
    part-time jobs.
     Maintains thatUPS can only use part-time helpers during peak.
     Only ONE top pay rate for all new package drivers. Start rate
    climbs from$14.70 to $16.10.
     Protects existing 22.3 jobs.
     Protects 22.2 jobs.
     Protects current OT for part-time employees.
     Maintains the current COLA.
     Increases penalties for supervisors doing bargaining unit
    work and does not give supervisors any new rights to do it.
     Part-time employees currently in Teamster health and welfare
    plans will STAY in those plans.
    First Class
    U.S. Postage
    Washington, DC
    Permit No. 4481
    International Brotherhood of Teamsters
    25 Louisiana Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20001
    Local Union Leaders Unanimously
    Endorse Tentative Agreement
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