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FedEx (FDX) 81.85 -6.27: Boasting the ability to deliver to 90% of the world's GDP in 48 hours, FedEx failed to deliver this time around closing the year on a sour note. The global shipment company released its fourth quarter and full year results Thursday showing continued margins deterioration by high fuel costs and decelerating volume trends. The market reacted in kind sending shares down over six dollars and with the obvious implications for United Parcel Service (UPS), its shares suffered a similar fate.


he also told one of us to not show up for work today . he needs to ride with us to see how well fredex is doing compared to ups


FEDEX CORP (NYS) -$79.96 as reported by Reuters.Where is Monte? It appears that he is a little gun shy and keeping a low profile.

Monte was encouraging UPS Employees to stay home on 6-23 because the Fed Ex Quarter ending financials were going to be announced-----and they were. NOT PRETTY for FedEx!!

UPS People beware-------Fed Ex is on the Ropes---they will regroup and try to take some of our customers away----between them and DHL--they will buy their way into our customer--lower rates--higher discounts........don't let service be an issue that forces our customers to open up a dialog with our competitors!!!

I am proud to be a UPS Employee---we have a lot to be proud of and we are better than any of our competitors----we need to continue to work together and strive to continue to give the best service at the lowest cost---and it may sound corny , and it is what Jim Casey used to preach---but it is true today just as it was...way back when!!


upsdawg I totally agree but higher ups need to remember that all we have to offer is service}


Memphis Contract Drivers Sue FedEx
Wednesday July 6, 1:59 pm ET
By Woody Baird, Associated Press Writer
Memphis Contract Drivers Sue FedEx, Say They Should Be Company Employees

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) -- FedEx delivery drivers argue in a federal lawsuit that the package delivery company wrongly employs them as independent contractors when they should be company employees.
The U.S. District Court lawsuit, which seeks to represent more than 1,000 drivers for across Tennessee, is similar to lawsuits filed against FedEx in other states.

It was filed by eight FedEx Ground drivers from the Memphis area, who accuse the company of classifying them as independent contractors to deny them employee benefits including overtime pay, paid vacations and health insurance.

Perry Colosimo, a spokesman for FedEx Ground, said Wednesday that the business model of using contract drivers for home deliveries is sound.

FedEx Ground, based in Pittsburgh, is a division of FedEx Corp., which has its corporate headquarters in Memphis.

FedEx helps set up drivers as owners of their own businesses, which then contracts with FedEx Ground to deliver packages, Colosimo said.

"We firmly believe they are independent business owners," he said.

The company's employment contract drivers, he said, has been successfully defended in court and before government regulators.

In the Memphis lawsuit, filed June 22, the drivers say they lack the freedom in running their businesses that independent contractors should have.

The company, they contend, controls every part of their work day, from the numbers and times of deliveries to the clothes they wear. Their lawsuit says the company requires them to work a minimum number of hours each shift, "clock in and out" and buy and wear FedEx uniforms.

Their contentions are similar to arguments made by FedEx drivers in recent lawsuits in South Dakota and Minnesota.

Colosimo refused to say how many such suits are pending around the country.

"We'll continue to protect the rights of our independent business owners," he said.

Shares of FedEx Corp. fell 42 cents to $82.58 in afternoon trading on the New York Stock Exchange.


"We'll continue to protect the rights of our independent business owners."

What a load of horse manure.


If they are following us, then why are we down in the stock market?????

FedEx to follow UPS into China
Wednesday July 6, 3:31 pm ET

FedEx Corp. will join rival United Parcel Service Inc. in the Chinese market, according to a Reuters report.
Memphis, Tenn.-based FedEx will sign an agreement in August to establish its first transport hub in China. According to Reuters, the hub is said to be planned for Guangzhou Baiyun Airport in China's southern Guangdong province.

The agreement comes as UPS increases its operations in the country. In February, Business First reported that UPS opened three warehouse and distribution centers in Shanghai, Suzhou and Futian. The Atlanta-based company also plans to add another 20 facilities in major cities during the next two years and more than double its number of warehouse operations in China. UPS also plans to open an air hub in Shanghai by 2007.

UPS (NYSE: UPS - News) bases its UPS Airlines division in Louisville at the Louisville International Airport.