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    Can we get some type of number metric set up and a pt sup moved into the bathroom to supervise and break jams for the union porters? I am sick of human fecal matter plastered all over the toilet, puddles of piss yards from the urinals and no soap in the dispensers. It is not acceptable to have a toilet clogged with human feces to rim level, sitting with contaminated water for nearly a week.

    You want me to load at 350 pph (400, 450, 500, 1000...), I think this is a fair request on my behalf. A hellhole with 300 manor-less degenerates running amok is no excuse to allow these poor conditions to continue. I am concerned with the ever increasing pressure to perform at the expense of your laborers dignity and humanity.
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    It's not quite that bad in our building, but it does hint on a pet peave of mine.
    Every night when I go up to the lockerroom to cleanup before leaving, I am greeted with an unfleshed row of urinals.
    I mean really, is it that much of a chore?
    Are we in that much of a hurry?
    I don't understand.
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    When toilets are full use the sinks.
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    For those of us that use pee bottles in the package car, standing in front of a urinal can be intimidating. Way to big of a target to aim at.
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    Take pictures. Contact OSHA. Your bathrooms will be immaculate forever.
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    Idea for the next union contract: the 8 methods of proper bathroom etiquette.
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    I'll hit a Gatorade bottle dead center all day. My wife swears I can't hit the toilet at home. I try explaining that in the morning the task can be quite difficult and it's Within her power to remedy it but that hasn't gotten through to her.
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    Management doesn't have an executive bathroom, they use the same ones you do. Perhaps they are used to wading through all the crap.
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    File a grievence on it. It's covered in the contract.
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    Some buildings they do, have a combination lock on the door to the hallway it's in. Men's room has paper towels, although paper towels have been removed from all the bathrooms the "bargaining unit" can use. The excuse for this is they went "green".
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    telling us your crappy situation is not helping you . go to some one in your building or grab a mop . our bathroom locker romm is no place for a picnic
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    I didn't know that, thanks for the insight.