History Channel program features UPS

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  1. Channahon

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    This should be interesting. Got TiVO?

    No time noted, check you local listings

    The History Channel program History’s Business is featuring a segment on UPS that will air June 3, throughout this summer and on August 26.

    In an interview for the program, UPS CEO Mike Eskew discussed UPS’s past, present, and future.
  2. trucker1946

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    That should be interesting coming from a guy like mike that has not managed our stock to grow at a faster rate,what a guy:lol:
  3. dumbsup

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    All we will hear is how UPS is a great place and a great company...
  4. Deeohem

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    Any guesses on how many times he'll refer directly or indirectly to PAS?

    It will be interesting to get the historical perspective from an outside viewpoint.
  5. rushfan

    rushfan Well-Known Member

    I would like to see a comprehensive review of our history-more of celebrating our past instead of how much community service we provide.
  6. Channahon

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    Due to the overwhelming response to this post, I thought I would update with a time. For those of you that get up early, this might put you back to sleep. LOL

    Big Brown: Up Close and Personal

    The History Channel program, History’s Business, will feature a show on UPS that will air June 3, throughout this summer and on August 26. The documentary features an interview with Mike Eskew discussing UPS’s past, present, and future.

    With Founders’ Day quickly approaching, the documentary will create a sense of pride and excitement. The show provides a historical perspective on how UPS has maintained its credo of culture, transformation, and execution.

    From a corporate culture that has guided the company for 100 years, to its deeply rooted morals and the thirst to remain on top, UPS has learned to transform its product offerings and has reached great heights due to its strategic execution. And by relying on our past progress, we can look towards the future as we become One Company.

    Watch the first airing of History’s Business on Sunday, June 3 at 8 a.m. and you, too, will feel a sense of pride.
  7. Pip

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    Thanks for the update.


    Headline for the show.

    They are America's third largest employer, delivering more than fifteen million items a day. And this year UPS turns 100 years old! Host Geoff Wawro discusses its legacy with UPS CEO Mike Eskew.

    Will probably try to see it over sunday morning breakfast.
  8. lovetokayak

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    I will make sure to watch it...celebrating UPS' and my birthday! Hah, cannot wait until Sunday!
  9. Pip

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    Watched the show, it was ok. Was worth watching.

    I had to chuckle a little when he(Mike Eskew) said that our greatest asset is our people. Who we treat with the respect they deserve to do their jobs.

    I have sat in on a couple conference calls in the past with my supervisor. Not sure degrading, belittling, and demoralizing is what Mike Eskew was referring to when he used the word respect.

    But overall it was worth the 30 minutes to watch.
  10. I tivo'ed it but haven't watched it yet :tongue_sm
  11. diesel96

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    The felt like I was watching a cheap info-mercial on colon cleansing.
    Poor quality TV production.A few video clips,still pictures,a low paid actor interviewing Mike Eskew,who's not a very good speaker.
    I feel UPS/History could have put together much more insightful program.
    I think the program was outsourced!UPS expects it's employees to put a 100% effort,why not put a 100% effort in it's TV programming.
    Thumbs down for me!
  12. I have to agree, Eskew seemed overly nervous. He doesn't really have a very good speaking voice either.

    It was alright, nothing special...but I'm glad I TiVOed it so I could fast forward lol

    my favorite question was "would Jim Casey recognize the company he created 100 years ago?"

    any thoughts on that?
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  13. LKLND3380

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    Maybe the program was Funded by... Directed by... Presented by... UPS as an infomercial masked as a spotlight on 100 years?

    Did it look like a UPS training video? Talk about Emmy/Oscar Award winning productions...
  14. hoser

    hoser Industrial Slob

    that it's not the end of the world? :w00t:

    and that it's reflective of ups' business model of efficiency, efficiency, and efficiency?
  15. rushfan

    rushfan Well-Known Member

    I didn't watch it. I did make the observation that the only thing playing at that time of day are infomercials in my area.

    The History Channel had something about the history of the infomercial, and why they are played at such times of day. It was said that time of day is when people are the most vulnerable to buying stuff they don't need.

    I'll catch it the next time around.
  16. jules23

    jules23 Logic? Who needs logic?

    i think jim casey might recognize us, but would be very disappointed in what we are becoming. IMHO, jim casey would not like at all the MIP restructuring, the cowering to meet wall streets demands or the way UPS is treating it's employees - both management and union.

    anyway...i was disappointed in the show. someone said it in an earlier post - seemed like a cheap infomercial...i agree. ME didn't seem to really answer any of the questions very well either. it was like he was reading queue cards.
  17. He always sounds nervous when he knows he's lying.
  18. hoser

    hoser Industrial Slob

    judging by our pay, benefits, and protection, i'd say he makes a good argument. with a unionized environment like this, you gotta keep people on edge, otherwise ups would just be a lazy basket case.

    at fedex express, it's ok pay, pretty good benefits, and little protection.

    would you take a pay cut for a nice manager?

    ...didn't think so :wink:
  19. moreluck

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    I finally watched that special on UPS. I taped it. I thought it was good. The problem is M.E. does not have a very good public speaking voice. I expected a more forceful sound. What he said was just fine.