History of United States Tax Rates 1913' to 2010'

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  1. wkmac

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    Rather interesting trip through income tax rate history at the Federal Level

    This piece of data came to light after reading a quote from President Obama who said,

    My favorite quote by our esteemed leader however is this one.

  2. stopcomplete

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    Well i just checked with that chart,1980,1990,2000 & 2010 and if i made the same money in each of those years , i pay less tax now. dont see your point
  3. wkmac

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    Didn't make a point other than post the charts and you can make your own conclusion as it seems you just did.
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    So the top tax rate under the Reagan plan was 28% and the top rate now is 35% but that is not the intetesting thing.
  5. island1fox

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    :happy-very:What I think is totally hysterical about Tax rates --for the past six years the dems have been yelling about the Bush tax cuts for the rich --the economic policy that drove the car into the ditch ---now Americans have realized the Bush tax cuts had a great impact on ALL taxpaying Americans --Obama is about to get along and go along and will agree to continue ALL the Bush Tax cuts for at least two more years ---sounds like the old car in the ditch story should die a quick death !!!
    If the Bush tax cuts were so bad ----why did Obama keep all of them to this point in his administration ????:happy-very:
  6. Jones

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    I don't know that "Obama keeping them to this point in his administration" is the right way to look at it. They were always set to expire at the end of this year (2010) and there was absolutely no political upside to trying to kill them earlier. Of course there's no real political upside to letting them expire either, so I expect they will be extended after the midterms. Obama has made some noises about letting them expire for people making over 200k/year and keeping them for everyone else, but I don't see that happening unless he's willing to veto some legislation and I don't think he will.
  7. Monkey Butt

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    Yes, he is a politician that wants to be elected.
  8. Jones

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    They all are and do, which is why all the tax cuts will be extended at the same time that government spending continues to increase unabated. To be followed by more rounds of finger pointing over the exploding deficit.
  9. wkmac

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    I think the only way the American people will come face to face with the gov't we have is for our taxes to be raised to the point that all budgets balance. Once the American public has to come face to face with that costly economic reality of what our gov't really is, then the public pressure to re-adjust the size of the expanded state downward will come into play.
  10. bbsam

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    There is another way. One thing I've agreed with Limbaugh about over the years is that if the American people actually had to write the check to the government (instead of having it witheld from pay checks) people would become far more active in holding those in power accountable.
  11. wkmac

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    I completely agree with that as well. If you ended all forms of withholding and on April 15th we all had to make that annual payment all at once, it would for sure change all the dynamics at play. Again, this is the nightmare scenario for all sides who want to use the federal state to their benefit. I doubt you'd have anyone in the country who on April 15th would say they pay no taxes and this too would be a good thing!
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    did you say you "agreed" with Limbaugh? um oh.... eeeeh......

    I feel like one of these guys.... :)

  13. island1fox

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    I believe you missed my point. President Obama has said NUMEROUS times that the Bush Tax cuts were bad financial policy --The President with a democrat control of Congress --if he truly believed what he has been saying the tax cut legislation would have immediately been re-written and the Bush tax cuts immediately eliminated. How can you say the tax cuts were a major cause of hurting the economy but two years later under DEMOCRAT control --they still exist ---the dems did not have to wait for the expiration date !! Today from the WHITE HOUSE SPOKESMAN ----Obama considering extending ALL Bush tax cuts for two years .
    I simply want some honesty. Obama has to decide are they good or are they bad ---simple enough --cannot have it both ways. Vocally he says they are bad ---but his actions will extend them !!!!???:sad-little:
  14. wkmac

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    Obama said lots of things yet did the opposite when the time came. Repubs. for years have said abortion is bad, dept. of education and energy needs to go, etc. and even when they controlled all 3 branches did they act to eliminate any of these? The only people that fall for this nonsense are repub voters who never go anywhere else no matter what or democrats who've bought they own parties bill of goods. Neither political side ever realize the other is a Goldstein illusion created by the state (O'Brien and Big Brother) for it's own 2 minute hate that keeps the masses in check and blindly loyal.

    Even when major political shifts take place between the 2 parties like 94', 2000' or 06' and then 08', some new stuff may be added on but neither party ever dismantle what the other side had already put in place. The Bush tax cuts being one example. I think it was Jones who said that the Bush tax cuts for the over $200k crowd will go away and the under $200k will stay and I think this is what we're gonna see when all said and done.

    If Jones didn't say this, sorry to him and the one I failed to give credit too!
  15. island1fox

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    I believe both parties stink and that the majority of Politicians are "serving" only themselves for their egos,power and money.
    Two years ago I expressed a desire for a powerful third party -----I could probably could come up with the comments but I believe it was deisel that just laughed it off. At that time he had probably was sold on the "HOPE and CHANGE.
    While I am not promoting armed insurrection ---I feel we are in real danger today. The majority of the masses have no idea what is going on.Our "Watchdogs' the media are corrupt and biased. Special interest groups Liberal and Conservative control the power.

    Someday --I hope in my lifetime the people will vote in very high numbers --punish and throw out of office anyone who does not follow through on what they promised----along with a high degree of success. We should definitely have term limits and never have "professional" politicians that spend their entire lives on our dime ---lying ,cheating and stealing from us.
    Bush was branded as a liar by the majority of the press ---Obama has lied about Healthcare, taxes, even such rediculous things like bowing{ I bring that up only with a smile--much more serious lies to be concerned with} Having Criminals like George Soros an insider at the white house along with other special interest groups and thugs is disgusting.
    The real problem is the "Dancing with the Stars---American Idol masses:sad-very: --that have no time to educate and raise their children probably--live in la-la land and have no idea how are politicians are abusing us . Very sad situation !!
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    In a general sense I agree very much with what you said and I think Jones in his own way does too. There is likely some micro specifics where we all differ but at the macro level I'd think we're at least in the same room. I just responded to Lifer in another thread and I think at a certain level he'd agree as well to some of the points you made.

    The frustration you showed is one I think lots of people share but are unsure or timid about stepping out and doing something completely different and Lifer made a good point indirect to this subject that percieved fear is the reason. We've been conditioned to take a stance and hold on to it mostly out of fear that if we vacate and do something different, the opposite political side will move near ground zero and thus take over the world. At the same time, those people who have been conditioned to be loyal to the opposite side fear the exact same thing happening in their world. In the mean time.........!

    We got what we got and today people will go to the polls to make sure we get more of it!

    another Mencken moment

  17. Lue C Fur

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    Or some people will just complain and not do anything about the current situation except point out its all screwed up. I wonder what the solution is? All talk and no action..

  18. moreluck

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    I voted absentee, my hubby voted absentee ballot. We both voted the same so we don't cancel each other out. I'm awaiting the results and hope Dick Morris is right about his prediction.