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    As someone who is currently in the market for a new home I have been thinking a lot about where I want to live, and I must be honest every nice home that I see which is located within an HOA subdivision I can't help but feel repelled by the very idea that I could own a home under such conditions. Not that there aren't good HOA's or data to suggest they are good(this I have not researched personally, but there has to be some reason why so many new houses are under HOAs), but I feel that under an HOA you are just one busy body meddler away from getting all sorts of nasty threats in your mailbox on "violations" ranging from the condition of your yard to where you choose to park your car at night. To put it another way if I found two houses that I would consider buying, and both were equal in the qualities that I am looking for except one is located within an HOA and one is not I would go for the non-HOA house everytime. I have seen listings where the non-HOA status of the house is listed as a redeeming quality of the home, and I can't help but wonder do HOA's really do any good? Sure they claim to keep home values up, but as someone who is in the market for a house I am inclined to pay less for an HOA covered house versus one that isn't which in my opinion lowers the values of those homes. I would like to hear other thoughts on this. Do you live in an HOA neighborhood, and if so do you love it or hate it? If you were looking for a new home would an HOA have any impact on your purchase decision? Why would someone feel it necessary to have yet another authority to answer to beyond the existing local, state, and federal governments? Lets hear those opinions.
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    The condo complex I live in is governed by a HOA. All of the maintenance from the studs out are taken care of (trash/water/lawn care/snow removal). The HOA is not that intrusive but if given the choice I would prefer to live in a non-HOA home.
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    I have few friends that live (in hoa) They reget it because each year there expense go up they call it a maintence fee, They live in the same condo complex, in the last 3 years they went from monthly fee of $115.00 month to $238.00 a month.
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    I hate neighbors. They are really people in disguise.
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    Yep I live in an HOA neighborhood not that anyone has ever caused problems but I hate it. More for the reason Menotyou gave though. I hate neighbors that want to be all friendly I associate with people I like not because they live close to me.
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    Not all HOA's have maintenance fees. My daughter and what's his name bought a townhouse in an area governed by a HOA but they do not pay a monthly fee and are responsible for their own maintenance.
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    I live in HOA and love it. If I have a problem with a neighbor breakng the rules, I don't have to confront the idiot. I just e-mail over to the office.
    The only thing I hate is the yearly "show us proof that you are over 55." What, do you think, I subtract a year from my age each year.?

    If you had to prove you are over 55 to move in...unless you've sold your house, guess what? You are still past 55!! I think it's dumb!

    Our neighborhood looks pretty.....no pink houses, no purple houses. There are diferent shades of colors. There are 3 different styles (floorplans). Thats just our area....others areas within the gates (3 or 4) are different models of homes.
    ...and a different pallette.
    Easy on the eyes!

    About the HOA, you don't need to be involved unless you want to. There are lots of trips and activities offered. You can choose to or not. I like having a couple pool tables (usually unused) available and a gym and a large pool and hot tub.

    You can check it out here.....

    Talega Gallery Homes
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    Upstate could move in in a few years! LOL! Very nice, More. I love playing pool.
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    You're gonna be getting a new neighbor in a few years :wink2:
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    Do you like Starbucks or Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf?? I'll meet you and buy you a coffee !!
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    That's a score because most of those developments have maintences fees.
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    Our HOA Fee includes the front yards being taken care of..........the backyard is our responsibility . I could paint a mural on the white stone wall (on my side of it).

    This would work...thanks Weyland!
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    We restored/owned a home that was in a historical district and while different it turned us off of ever living in a house in a HOA or any other kind of neighborhood government.
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    I'm always down for coffee, Ms Jones will be having the tea :happy-very:
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    Living in a HOA is like making a mortgage payment on an apartment. Why own a home if you are not allowed to decide things like landscaping, remodeling or parking for yourself?
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    The restrictions differ with every HOA. Where I live it is very restrictive---where my daughter lives it is much less so.

    It is kind of nice not to have to shovel snow, cut the grass or put our the trash---not $222.53/month nice---but still kind of nice.
  17. Shifting Contents

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    I used to dispose HOAs. But I relented when we boughgt our first home and love it. We pay a little bit of money and my yard gets landacaped and the pool is maintained. We live in a working class neighborhood and I think that is the key. No one is THAT crazy HOA Guy because we don't have time to meddle.
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    Not to be mean, but you are the kind of neighbor that I fear in an HOA neighborhood. Reason I say this is there are people who are quick to call their HOA president or whoever is in charge whining about someone's grass being too high or someone's truck being visible from the road etc. If I am going to dump a couple hundred grand or more into a house I don't see why I should have to answer to my neighbors or anyone else. And its not that I am an annoying neighbor or cut my grass 3 times a summer, its that everyone's tolerance scale is a little different and you will have that one person who will not tolerate any deviation from the rules who will run crying to their HOA regarding their neighbor.

    Regarding those who live in Condos I can understand why you have associations you must pay for because you need someone to maintain the areas outside your condo that you do not own. I personally want my own yard so condos are out of the question.
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    In 10 years, I have not filed a formal complaint against anyone!!!
    I like people to leave me alone!
    You sign rules when you move in here........stick by them!!

    I have the worst neighbor in the world who reports everybody for everything.
    Now, when I saw body work and painting being done in her driveway, I did talk to someone over at the office.....the lady came around and told her there is not to be body work and painting your car in your drive. (her's is only 10 ft long)

    She's too damn cheap to leave her car at the body shop and have a loaner like everyone else! This neighborhood has a great breeze through here and breezes don't go well with auto spray painting.

    One example of her ridiculousness ...we had my neighbor move in...they are a gay couple, first day in and a lot of stuff put away, but he still had boxes in his garage, so they had to leave his 2 cars out in his own driveway that night. She reported him for not parking his cars in his garage.

    They went over to the office once they heard and said, "does she really want to go there? We're a gay couple and won't stand for that kind of treatment."

    Another example is one lady (who happened to be this grump's friend , sort of)
    She was having her grandchild over for the summer (he's in a wheelchair)......kids are only allowed to be here 90 days in one year. On the 91st day, this grump compained. That's just heartless!! I never even knew the neighbor had a kid there.
    Nobody's her friend after that.

    The 90 day rule is so a kid doesn't move in with you.

    This lady (?) is the deviation you mention!!! Every neighborhood has a least one.