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    HxC MADxMAN You're not my supervisor

    Contrary to the title, I am not fluent in Spanish. I don't own an acoustic guitar or bongos, or a pair of tonsils. If that doesn't paint a clear picture of who I am, I don't know what will.

    I've browsed through the forums looking at the FAQ's for new hires, the hiring process, application status and such. While many of those threads were helpful, I have yet to come across a situation that is similar to mine; so I will include the question with my Introduction and Welcome thread.

    I applied last week for a seasonal drivers position at my local UPS. I then scheduled a phone interview for the next day. I was extremely confident with the way the interview went. I was told during the interview that I should expect a minimum of 40hrs a week as some days could be easily 12 hours long during peak season. I was asked if I would be able to attend a one week training session in another city and I said yes. I was told I would be required to take a roads test, so I asked what would be expected during the test so I could be prepared. I was then told my information would be reviewed and that I should receive a call from another rep in a few days.

    3 days later I received the call. They asked if I was still interested in the position and I said yes. They said "this is an official offer of employment," and I accepted. I gave them the information needed to start my background check which is squeaky clean. I then asked to verify "so this is an official job offer?" again they "yes it is." I was confused because I hadn't had an in person interview or taken the roads test. They said they would start the background check and then contact me again soon to set things up to get me on over at my location as soon as possible, and if they don't call soon, to feel free to call them. I asked, "just call you at this number?" and they said yes again.

    Well two days later I haven't received the call, so I call the number and the phone just rings forever. I check my email and there's nothing regarding my app. I check the jobs site and my app still says active, but the title of the job has been changed to CASUAL PKG DVR. I texted the number for app updates, and it says Background Check Request Complete. I see in the forums it has taken anywhere from 1 day to several months to receive a response after starting the background check.

    So my question is, was this really an official job offer? Is the fact that they've invested in a background check a good sign that it was a serious offer? I know I still need to give them some more time, I'm just hoping for some input from people who have been through the process and know what it's like around peak season. When do they usually start working the seasonal drivers?

    I was surprised to receive a call from Wells Fargo today where we schedule a final interview for tomorrow where I'm sure I'll be offered a position. I thought that job was no longer available because I hadn't heard from them in two weeks. But the pay is $7per hour less and I'd have to quit and possibly burn that bridge in January when I go to school. I just want to make the most money I can before I go to school, so if there's a chance UPS won't send me off to training until sometime in November then I'll accept Wells Fargo to start right away. But if it sounds to you guys like I've really been offered the seasonal driver position and that the Background Check Request Complete status shows they are working to get me on soon, then I'll politely decline Wells Fargo.
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    Rainman Its all good.

    As a seasonal you are guaranteed nothing. You may work 5 days or 1 day a week.
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    HxC MADxMAN You're not my supervisor

    Ahhhhh, that's lame. They definitely didn't clarify in the interview that it was on an as needed basis; they made it sound like full time, every day up until the end of December.
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    If HR told the truth about the job, nobody would apply.
  5. Rainman

    Rainman Its all good.

    Better to know the truth up front.
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    HxC MADxMAN You're not my supervisor

    Those sneaky SOB's. I definitely appreciate the warnings about the reality of the situation, so thank you. Looks like I'll be accepting Wells Fargo's offer. I just finished talking to someone I go to church with who's a FT Driver at the location I'd be at. He said they were short on people compared to last year so there's a chance I could work everyday the last week of November and all of December, but like you guys said, there's no guarantee. And I'm the kind of person who needs guarantees.
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    HR tells applicants a whole lot of lies just to get an ass in the seat to cover the peak season and they could care less what happens to you after peak because they did their jobs and staffed UPS. If you have a better more stable offer from WellsFargo, then I would take that because UPS will use and abuse you for the two months of peak and then boot you to the curb without so much as a thank you.

    Good luck out there!
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  8. HxC MADxMAN

    HxC MADxMAN You're not my supervisor

    They do a good job at it because they almost got me in that seat. Thanks for the honesty and luck!
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  9. HxC MADxMAN

    HxC MADxMAN You're not my supervisor

    Got the call from HR. Started out saying how he wanted to get me into training next week. Told him I wanted to verify some things first so I asked very particular questions to get to the bottom of everything.

    Initially I was told I would get 18.75 an hour as a package driver. Now the position has changed to PM clerk and air driver, and to 11 & 12 dollars an hour. Said 18.75 was if they kept me on after seasonal as a driver (which I didn't intend to stay after peak season.) They never clarified the 18.75 was if I was taken on as a FT driver after peak season. They legitimately said, "the job pay's 18.75 an hour."

    Like I said, they talked about 40-60 hours a week (8am-5 or9pm) in the interview. I asked him if daily work could be expected, and he finally said "it's not guaranteed, but you could work up to as many as 60 hours a week during peak." I asked "so I would only be called in as needed?" and he finally said "yes, if they make volume."

    They would have sent me off to training without even telling me about all the changes they made in what job I'd be doing, the hours i'd be "scheduled" for, and how much less I'd be getting paid.

    So again, I'd like to thank you all for the honest information and saving me the trouble of learning all of this the hard way; when it's too late.
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    They will bring on drivers one at a time in order of application and completion of the training classes to fill needed routes. I know guys that started the first week in November and worked until Christmas, I also know guys that worked just one week at the very end of peak. Unfortunately, there's no way to tell when you will start. I would take the job at the bank, and if ups wants you later, and you're still interested, you can then make a choice.
  11. Rainman

    Rainman Its all good.

    Considering the nature of the offer, I think you made a wise choice. I'm not putting down UPS, I've worked there over 35 years, but they really aren't guaranteeing you anything. And with the volume going up and down as it is, they really can't. You have to go with something you can depend on. If you are offered something in the future guaranteed, I would advise you to consider it. I wish you the best with your future.
  12. HxC MADxMAN

    HxC MADxMAN You're not my supervisor

    Well, here's an update for you guys. The Wells Fargo interview went great, but the DM (a family friend) told me they had interviews scheduled throughout the following week, so I wouldn't hear back 'til after that. The DM being a family friend and having been through several interviews prior to that one that went well was why I thought I'd be getting an offer. Since I wouldn't hear back for another week, I figured I'd spend that next week getting paid at driving school for UPS. The daily food per diem and paid mileage was nice too.

    Well it's a good thing I went to the training, because I didn't hear back from Wells. Rather than an applicant, I'd like to introduce myself to the forum as a new seasonal PC driver. I just finished my third and final day driving with my OR sup. The first two days were an absolute mess. Basically two chickens circling town with their heads chopped off. Can't even explain how bad it was. The final drive was a complete 180. Everything finally clicked and it went as smooth as butter, and I'm getting released into the wild tomorrow solo. After the final drive I feel much better about it.

    Our center is already flooded and needs the help. If the sup would have been available to get my drives done sooner, I would have been driving a route last week. So that's cool I don't have to wait 'til the start of December for consistent work like I thought. On top of that, I start PM clerk training next week. After my week of clerk training, through the rest of November, the clerks are taking turns taking week long vacations, so I'll be clerking until the start of December. I kind of assumed I wouldn't be driving while I was working PM clerk, but I was told I'll be driving each day and then will jump right into clerking from 4-8. Then in December I'll just be on the road all day for the 12-13 hour peak driving shifts.

    Guess I won't have a life outside of work for about the next two months! But I'm happy it worked out this way. My goal was to be able to save up enough money so that I wouldn't have to work when I go back to college in January so that I could just focus on school. And with the sweet drivers pay rate and all the overtime I'll be getting through the end of December, I'll be able to comfortably survive the next 2 semester without having to go on the Ramen Noodle diet.

    Stoked to drift around corners in the snow up to my deliveries this winter. I was told bonus points will come across on my DIAD for that.
  13. HxC MADxMAN

    HxC MADxMAN You're not my supervisor

    Guess who called yesterday...Wells Fargo. They call as soon as I write them off as an option.

    They're like the ex girlfriend that wants you back once you've moved on.
  14. 9.5 everyday

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    Tell them you have a prior obligation through December and see if the will consider holding a position for you at wells. You'll probably make 2x's the money driving for the next 4-6 weeks anyway if you account for the long hours and all of the overtime.
  15. HxC MADxMAN

    HxC MADxMAN You're not my supervisor

    I told her something along those lines. She told me that some of the employees at her current location just decided to pick up some hours, so they no longer needed to hire for a position. She said she was impressed with my interview though, and asked if I was still interested in a position if one were to open up in the future, and asked if she could recommend me to some of the other branches in the area. I told her yes I was still interested, and I'd love it if she kept in touch and called if something opened up or worked out. I didn't say anything about working seasonally with UPS

    Funny thing is, this last Thursday, they were one of my stops. She was really nice. Just surprised and wondered why I didn't say anything about this when we talked on the phone. I explained to her about how it was just til the end of December, so I'm still interested in hearing back from her. She said congratulations and told me she still would. So it all worked out!
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    jumpman23 Oh Yeah

    If you need guarantees then dont apply here cause there are none. Those of us who have worked here for years have only gotten 1 guarantee over the years and that is, WE WILL HAVE THE DOG PISCCC WORKED OUT OF US EVERY DAY lol.
  17. HxC MADxMAN

    HxC MADxMAN You're not my supervisor

    I've noticed! :censored2:'s hardcore at UPS. They're already working me all day everyday, which is fine cause I know I'll make good money and then poof, I'm gone in January. Props to you guys who do this year round!