How can I improve these circumstances?

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    I am not here to complain or place blame. It is not my fault and it is also not my driver’s fault (this sentiment is mutual), it is purely extenuating circumstances but with that stated, I am simply looking for some advice or method tricks and tips to improve this peak for the both of us, if that is at-all possible. My driver is green to the point of having never had a helper before so we’re still awkward but I understand and he understands and we’re trying our best to figure it out and beat the odds of poor performance.

    Our largest and most time-killing problem so far though, is the fact that almost nothing is even close to where it is supposed to be in the back. Driver does not want to ‘rock the boat’ by approaching the loader or sup because he (probably correctly) feels that it will just get worse (but I honestly don’t see how that could be possible. It is genuinely that much of a mess already) for us out of pure spite. But at the same time, if this does not get sorted out even a little bit (I mean really, if the loader could simply get the stops ON THE RIGHT SHELF AT LEAST, THAT would be a real improvement), we will be literally the last done by the time peak really slams down beginning the next week or two. He’s trying to sort it out by himself when and where he can (I’ve offered to help but says it’s too crowded back there so, I respect that and just leave him to it. But I have been trained to sort and where to look first... oh well) but it’s still not happening and we’re still wasting a whole lot of time that we simply don’t have because of this very issue right here (time that should NOT be missing, but is). This very situation is also the reason why I honestly can’t use the helper board (DIAD 4 now, which of course management didn’t feel the need to even minimally explain whatsoever and so all I remember from when they were the driver’s boards is the signature and stop complete from that screen [at least I know where and how to use the shift key but that’s not much help if I can’t use it anyway for the MIA packages situation]. Not how to navigate it from start to finish on manually entering in every stop and stop completing without the freaking FALSE ‘signature required’ message popping up instead. We did two on it and gave it up, because it really was eating too much time, simply just the act of manually entering it in when I should have been gone and back instead). In order to actually be able to use that board (I’m sure I could figure it out, but why? THAT also takes time that isn't there), I really have to have the next few stops within reach and they simply are not because again, they are NOT even remotely where they SHOULD be. I can’t do it while running them up and maintain my safety at the same time (especially not while constantly having to cut across the street), let alone actually being able to carry the damn things (almost all of them are oversize and more than one, its crazy). So on that front, will it be all bark and no bite if we simply refuse to waste even more time we already have none of and simply just stick to using 5 (which in fact I’m proficient with for business sigs)? Or what could they do against myself or the driver over that? If its a matter of gauging my performance they have three on record... I'm doing an even better job I think because I'm doing twice the work, twice as fast as I ever have.

    The other problem I’m fairly sure there is absolutely nothing to do about as it pertains to Orion and how it has us literally checkering back and forth all over the route, needlessly (there goes even more time we don’t have). It’s so screwed up I have to also cut across the street or also run a few houses down about 75% of the time and that’s what is really killing me, if I can be perfectly frank. I’ve never had it so jacked like that before and it is seriously overtaxing. I can take a hell of a lot but this is just getting too much. And peak is not even actually here yet. Good God...

    I am doing the very best that I can to try and make up as much of this lost time as I can but the result is that I’m going through almost a gallon of water in under three hours (really not good, guess I will have to make a mess with a couple gallon jugs too?), the amount I could normally get by with in 6-12 hours even with 400-600 stops, because that’s how much harder I’m trying to push myself to make it up (I’m chronically dehydrated anyway though. I can’t piss the entire time nor for hours after I get home either. #@%&). We’re not even at 300 yet. It is going to get so much worse... but despite that, this pace is not sustainable (in the long run) or safe but there’s nothing else I can do about it unless other circumstances improve, even just a bit. I know I shouldn’t and am also not supposed too work like this, but I have too. It’s only pure adrenaline keeping me going towards the end and if we stop more than five minutes I want to literally just drop where I’m standing. BUT I DON’T WANT TO QUIT. I AM NOT A QUITTER. If I were going to quit I wouldn’t be here trying to find something, ANYTHING, to help us make any of this better so we can get through it. Work smart not harder, right?

    In conclusion, if there is anything any of you more seasoned drivers can suggest we do or try I am all ears. Lay it on me and please don’t hold anything back. Whether its suggestions for me, or for me to pass on to my driver, I don’t care. Either will be a big help. I am not too scared to approach my driver with any of it, in fact I’m sure he’d appreciate any advice or 'hacks' as much as I would.

    I am also curious, though. Exactly what is a safe and acceptable pace to fall back on when I simply can’t maintain a flat-out run anymore (I’m planning ahead)? I try to time it to where my ass is back in that jump seat when the driver is in his but it doesn’t always pan out (largely because I’m running for what is essentially two stops in one, pertaining to ground to cover and time it takes because of that). Most of the time however I do get back long before he’s back but I can’t predict it just right so yeah. I really do not want to piss this guy off but I also really don’t want to trash myself to the point of crab walking mid-week either. That would not help either of us.

    I’ve had three kick-ass (even beautiful) peaks before so I really do know what I’m doing and how it should be going but this time around it’s just not going the way it needs to be, anywhere. Again, I’m just trying to find some improvement somewhere but I can’t do it all myself and I know if I tried, I’d fail. I need help. Please. I haven’t embellished, if anything I’ve understated.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this.

    P.S. Just in case the sort situation does get better enough to allow the DIAD 4, I would appreciate a refresher on ONLY how to navigate from the start screen into manually entering addy’s and how to actually stop complete them (again, without the FALSE 'signature required' popping up where it shouldn't). It wouldn’t hurt to also have a how-to handy for the sigs just in case I don’t remember how as well as I think I do. You don’t need to say anything else other than those two procedures. I understand nobody but us are supposed to know but at the same time I'm sure if I went and asked for what should have been provided in Orientation I'd get chewed out or denied the print-out. I'm trying to make the best of it but again, I need help. Thanks again.
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    Are you a preloader....or just a seasonal helper?
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    OK, I think many of us have felt this way over the years, and have experienced similar situations. I can't stress enough that you shouldn't overthink this process. You're getting boned daily, and it's probably not gonna get any better. Just worse. If the driver is a rookie and isn't sure of himself, or the area he's working in, he needs to focus on a few basic things first. Forget getting the Preload to do their job correctly. Will never happen. Good loaders are few and far between. Most of them honestly blow, and don't give a crap about misloads. If you're a Preloader reading this and would like to disagree, then form a line. Nothing some cyber Cowboy will tell me on [here] will erase 19 years of dealing with awful loaders. You know you a lot of the people you work with are lazy, and just suck at their job, so lets stay on topic.
    This driver of yours needs to work simple. Pick an area he can get to, and sort 10-20 stops at a time. If he has bulk, and can dig it out, then do those stops first after the airs are done. Stop trying to do everything at once. This job is tough physically and mentally, so lets focus on making the mental part easier. When I had an 800 blow-out front to back, and had zero room to sort, I would work from the front till I had about 10 feet of space. Then I would jam all the crap to the back as tight as possible. I didn't care if I was missing stops in a particular area, because I could always go back. I needed to make a comfort zone to operate in. When you can make a little space to sort in, everything else starts to fall into place. Don't focus on the huge mess behind you, and try to work on a shelf or a bunch that you can get to. It's not easy, and can be very stressful, but the stops will come off the truck. You might be our there till 9:30 PM or later. I've worked past 10 PM a few times and had to have someone grab my airs for the air-wall, but I stayed calm and didn't have a mental meltdown. You definitely should bitch to your sup, and to the Preload sup. Get them to get on that loaders ass about his poor quality. I don't care what someone thinks about me for bitching. If you don't do your job I'll express it the following day, but in a tactful manner so the guy/gal doesn't get too offended. Sometimes you can't avoid that, and the lazy POS needs to be ripped daily until management does something. I've seen loaders get fired, so it does happen if they can't fix themselves. As far as working on the diad goes. Let the driver use the diad. Let him/her put all of the stops in the board and DR them. You run them off and don't bring'em back. Businesses are an exception, but my helpers NEVER touch a diad. I use them, and put the minimum required stops in the helper board, and occasionally keep using it if I have to stop complete something with the wheels rolling or engine idling. Yeah, we still have to circumvent these stupid telematics at times, especially during peak since they're not keeping our dispatches honest. I wish you all the luck. Try not to let it stress you out too much.
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    Why are you running? It is a safety issue, specially when it gets dark/snow covered, because you can't see too well. Driver should be getting the next several stops set up, that way, when he stops between a couple both you and him could deliver. Can he not turn down the street to get you closer to the stop? If need be he could be turning around while you're delivering the stop. He does need to talk to somebody about his load quality, doesn't sound like it could get much worse. Does the driver know the area? If he does he should know the best way to run it, don't worry about EDD.

    I've never had a package come up Sig Req, if the package is not Sig Req. I'm assuming you're hitting the signature button by mistake, in that case hit enter, signature, enter, presto, back to package entry screen.

    Hope this helps, but my eyes glazed over after reading your post so sorry if reply doesn't quite answer your questions.
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    If a certain address has past claims against it, LP will make that address signature required. If you look at the ..notes section in your DIAD note 1 is ok to D.R. Note 4 = signature required.
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    Bleedinbrow58, I am a helper. This isn’t my first rodeo but my fourth.

    Marine Vet, I suspected as much. Thank you, I will pass it along. I’m trying to keep my cool but it’s getting difficult when my driver loses his (he’s apologized and told me it’s not my fault more than once and I believe him because it really isn’t. I completely understand though and don’t take it personally. I know a cluster#@%$ when I see one. I’d be just as :censored2: if I were sitting in his situation but fully liable for it all). He’s unsure if they’ll keep him so he’s trying to play it too cautious IMO and I don’t think he’ll get on sups to get on loader, but I agree that really does need to happen somehow and quick.

    So essentially, disciplinary action is not likely if we simply can’t take the time we don’t have to use the damn helper board? I mean, if they want to know why I suppose they can just get a car out to observe (I’m sure they will no matter what anyway; they always like to mess with the newbies, as I recall) because I’m seriously not embellishing anything here, it is this bad. But it’s the stuff not being where it needs to be that is killing us.

    upschuck, because I have too and because I want to actually keep this job through to a yes rehire again. Incidentally I have never not had to run in my four peaks so far out of this center (and that’s including under management supervision, separate car. Never said a word against it). Drivers expect it and they get on me if I don’t. It’s just the way it is here. The only time I’m not required to run and will even get chewed out for it is when it is A) raining or B) dark. I’ll literally eat my OSHA-approved boots if there has ever been a single helper that has never been required to run even just once (and if that last is true, I’m green with envy believe me). It just doesn’t happen here. In reality it is “run, almost never walk” instead of “walk briskly, never run” (that last is only for orientation here. Believe it or don’t, up to you. But I’m telling you like it is and nothing else).

    No, he does not know the route that well yet (just started less than a month ago) and they just heaped another, split relief, portion to it Wed. We’re basically going to sink or swim. At the very least, I did learn the sig procedure on 5 on first attempt and won’t forget it so we’re alright for businesses and I won’t be at fault for wasting time doubling back. I’m doing my best. I care and am genuinely trying to do a good job. When the stuff actually can be found he doesn’t mind running off with me but the vast majority of the time, they’re MIA. Not even on the right shelf let alone side, so of course we find them after the fact (at least he knows to check the floor and in-between for letters first, exactly how I was trained at it). I suppose he could turn around before I have to get out and make the stops (all my other drivers managed that before) but doesn’t want too. He will however turn around while I make the drops so he’s got that part down, but not quite in the way that relieves me just a tiny fraction. It helps a hell of a lot more than you’d think to get alongside the curb too, not going to hold my breath on that though; I know it takes a lot of practice to get it right. I’m working through nasty shock pains all up and down my legs already... just have to suck it up, won't be the first time. Only 3-4 weeks left. I can make it.

    Sorry about the longwindedness, I like to be thorough.

    Alright well, you know what... I’m on good terms with a fairly high up management guy so I think I’ll just handle some of this in lieu of driver that way, because I know he won’t speak up but really needs too. Right now that loader is screwing me just as much as (physically, more than) my driver so I’m within my right to do this (correct now or forever hold your peace). I’ll just tell this management guy to tell (although while not saying specifying to the loader who’s complaining to negate the whole nasty backlash bull, because I know how petty this crap gets) the relevant sup to just kind of... handle that loader (I'm sure they work on more than just one truck, right?) however he sees fit, and we’ll see if that will do something. It should and it certainly needs to improve and I don't frankly care how. If they are at least on the right shelves out of order, it’s better than them all being on whatever-the-hell shelf and still not in order at-all but in a far worse way. Am I right or am I wrong? I know which I prefer.

    Sucks I can't just go early and line it up my damn self because I would and I know I could if I were allowed (I know which way addy's run. I was trained to sort the truck and I'd do it a hell of a lot better than just tossing the crap wherever I wanted).
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Only 3-4 weeks left.

    17 delivery days (weather permitting).

    Alright well, you know what... I’m on good terms with a fairly high up management guy so I think I’ll just handle some of this in lieu of driver that way, because I know he won’t speak up but really needs too.

    While I do appreciate and admire your attitude, load quality is not your concern and it is certainly not your place to speak with a "fairly high up management guy" about anything related to the job.

    Sucks I can't just go early and line it up my damn self because I would and I know I could if I were allowed (I know which way addy's run. I was trained to sort the truck and I'd do it a hell of a lot better than just tossing the crap wherever I wanted).

    Load quality is not your concern. Your concern is getting from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible.
  8. PT Car Washer

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    Sorry, but I have never meant a "fairly high up management guy" in any center operation. They are all bottom management. Unless you know someone on the district level. Even then they have way too many other responsibilities to worry about load quality for a single package car. This the way it is going to be and will only be getting worst.
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    Embrace the chaos. Ups = chaos = logistics. These are all one in the same
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    Alright, I'll do nothing (though I didn't lie. This guy has pull. But I'll leave it alone. You're right, it isn't my responsibility. I just wish whose responsibility it was was actually being responsible). In the end I'm screwed no matter what I do or don't, right? It all makes me look bad, like this driver too. Except he's safe as well as the loader, but I'm not. I'll get the blame for it no matter what, won't I? Thanks for your help anyhow.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    As I said, I appreciate your enthusiasm and admire your attitude; unfortunately, you are seasonal help---" know your role and shut your hole."
  12. Anonymous 10

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    You are such a mean girl
  13. Jackburton

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    Stop caring, it's what I do.
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    OP: Regarding your P.S.: You shouldn't be entering package details in the helper board manually. Your driver needs to do a get edd on it in the am before he leaves the building. If he doesn't know how to do that, he should get someone to show him how. 2. the "false sig required" message is because you didn't DR the stop before hitting stop complete. DR is the f5 button when you're on the second screen of the stop (the one where the packages are sheeted).
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    The "false signature required" is for No DR addresses .
  16. jim_flint

    jim_flint Member

    I really think this poor kid just doesn't know how to DR. a no DR address pops up No DR Allowed, but if you try to close out a stop without a sig or a dr, it just flashes "signature required"
  17. upschuck

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    I do admire your enthusiasm.

    I am assuming that the driver you are riding with is seasonal too, since he has only drove for a few weeks. Sounds like he is trying for a permanent job, and does not want to make waves, so he's trying to run you to make up for his lack of fortitude.

    I have never make a helper run, however when I was a helper I did run a bit, but that was a long time ago when sup would be the third person on car to train the helper, no jumper seat, no seat belt for helper. Those were the good old days. Either way, it is not safe, and if you get injured because of it, I'm sure UPS won't like that. He should be getting you closer to the stop.

    I knew a couple of folks that got hired because they knew the division manager. who is in my building, although did not have to work more than one peak.

    Good luck for the rest of peak.
  18. Magnus

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    jim_flint, you are right. I don’t, not on this board. It’s different from 3 (we didn’t even have EDD until 2010 and that’s the peak I really didn’t get much DIAD use in) but that’s exactly it. When I did this last time 4 was the driver’s board and as such, I wasn’t allowed to use it other than for sigs, if I had been I’d know it because I don’t forget. Or even if they’d done any DIAD training in orientation but they actually had said we wouldn’t be using them... if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Lesson learned. Thanks, if I can use that tip I will. If I had time to actually look at it long enough I could figure it out but I simply don’t (the damn thing is also locked up on break, as I’m sure you are already aware, so that really doesn’t permit that) and as you all know it’s just going to get worse from here on out.

    upschuck thank you, I think you are right as well. But I don’t think he’s at fault here. It really is just the circumstances. He’s a good guy and I know he’s not going about things as he is intentionally. It’s just inexperience and that’s where we all started, no matter what we do. I also know it will be my fault if I get injured (excepting truly unavoidable accidents which DO happen, even with all the methods in play. They aren’t all avoidable and could happen to anyone. I’m actually the most nervous about the new ignitions... because of course I have to cut the front-end. I don’t if we’re on a decline though, but otherwise and again, I don’t have time to ‘walk briskly’ around the entire rear). I’m doing it as safe as I can for the circumstances I was dealt this time. If I have too, I will fall back a bit and to be honest again, I may not have a choice as this current pace will probably force that eventuality soon enough. I know there are a lot of other people that know inside guys getting in ahead and that I won’t. It’s not about that anymore. But I still have a work ethic and I’m not compromising it for anyone or anything all the same. I’m not giving up. Just going to do the best I can and hopefully keep my yes rehire unscathed in the process. That’s all I want because this is all I have. It’s horrible out there and this is what’s left.
  19. Dr.Brown

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    what's a helper freaking out about???? the driver has the 14 hour rule...
  20. Cementups

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    You lost me at "holy crap this is a super long post and I'm not even going to bother reading it." Good luck :groooansmileyf:
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