How Did You Learn The Sort?

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    I have apparently been offered a promotion to pick-off after a year and some change of working at UPS. I was given a study packet with the States, zips, and shipping times of our 4 trucks, for example OK 730-749, 2DA, 3DS Only, but there are as many of you know, uh, lots of numbers.

    Last night I was able to memorize all the states my belt takes and where they go, which was a little tricky considering I had to learn 35, and I did this my using mnemonic devices, but I don't think that will work with the zips and the shipping method.

    How did you guys memorize this stuff? This is just my PD, so I have no idea how someone would learn the entire sort either. Is there a way to make sense of it all? How did you guys do this? I feel like, that just to learn my belt, I need to learn the other belts, so as to learn by elimination so to speak.

    I really want this position because it seems more fun and less physically demanding than loading, at least for the 45 minutes I did it yesterday, and obviously because it pays more.

    Is this all just a matter of memorization, or is there some sort of trick to learning it. Like I said, mnemonic devices worked for learning all the states, but that is also smaller bits of info than the zips and such.
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    I've taken the sort test and even though I don't sort much, I feel the best way to get better is just doing it. Same with pretty much all positions at UPS.
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    I never learned the sort. I was a preloader.
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    This is funny it took me a minute I had to remember. It has been many many years but the way I learned was I took copies and taped them to the slide next to where I picked off at. So I would have 4 different sheets of paper, taped right next to me, so that I could always have a quick glance to double check myself. I spent a year in hub secondary it was like watching paint dry. I tried but could never learn the primary sort.
  5. TooTechie

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    I used to work in the sort aisle when I worked inside but they never made me take a sort test. Maybe because I was a pickoff before that.
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    That is what I remember also. I was in the sort aisle and would tape the splits on the top belt in front of me. After a couple days you knew most of them. That is what the return belt is for. I swear working the sort aisle on the preload at 4 AM some sorters were just throwing miss sorts and didn't care.
  7. TooTechie

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    the big heavy stupid stuff definitely got thrown on the bottom belts by a lot of guys.
  8. PT Car Washer

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    Well yeah, iregs all go to the pink belt which is behind and at your feet.
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    Yeah out of 6-7 sorters on the preload I think 2 of us had passed the test.
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    Some of the above suggestions are good. One good way is practice on computer at work taking test. This is what helped me the most. You can write down ones you miss to help you learn. Just doing it for real makes you learn. Don't get discouraged, it takes some time to get it.
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    Back in the 70's you learned the sort by memorization of zip codes, there were exception sheets available to tape on the top belt.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but now every package has a smart label with a center slic on it so who needs to even take a test.
  13. Baba gounj

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    Back in the day , sort charts were provided right in front of you .
    It was wad .
    We didn't have any stinking tests .
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    The best way in my opinion is to make your own electronic tests and flashcards on this site: Simple free learning tools for students and teachers | Quizlet

    best of luck..... p.s.. you can search existing quizzes...tests...etc...I believe all UPS centers should use this app as anyone can use your test once the data is entered...

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    Hmm. You guys are lucky. I have to memorize where 34 states, 2 internationals, and one territory all go, and which of those are GND, STD, 1DA, 2DA, 3DS, and whether or not those 3DS are ground or air only. So basically like MD 216-219, 1DA, 2DA, and 3DS all go in Baltimore, which takes 21 states, 1 territory, and one international. There are also other Maryland packages I have to remember.