How Free Is Your State?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Mar 14, 2009.

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    Its an old slogan that today is back. Our governor wants to increase highway & Boston Harbor tunnels tolls up to $7 and make our gasoline taxes the highest in the nation. So much for the man who ran on the platform of " change ".
    One of his great ideas has been to not inform motorists when their regristration & licenses are up for renewal. This way people will be caught driving illegally, the monies spent to pay the fines will help the commonwealth.
    To help balance the budget , he laid off some low paying social workers and then managed to get a few friends some new jobs that pay $100,000+, which are so new that no one actually knows what they do.
    Our one party system is a joke.
    Its almost becoming mandatory that Speakers of the House will be charged with a serious crime.
    The salary increases that they give themselves is out of control & the pension system allow for double & triple dipping. Some are making more retired then they ever made " working ".
    The enforcement of current laws is screwy; knives over two&half inches are illegal, but machettes are not.
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    They keep making things smaller and smaller and men will start having serious self esteem problems!


    Sorry, couldn't resist the cheap shot at humor!
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    I would have been more upset if you hadn't