How long does UPS keep employment records?

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by looch350, Oct 28, 2002.

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    I worked on the reload shift for UPS in high school. I had to leave due to an injury sustained outside of work. Long story short, my supervisor and I had a miscommunication and UPS thinks I abandoned my job. Therefore my rehire status was put to undersireable. How long do they keep this information on file? If I wanted to go back to UPS over the holidays, would this show in my record?

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

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    Chances are we still have the record somewhere. If you really want the opportunity to come back go ahead and apply. Tell them your circumstances. tell them you'd like to have the opportunity to prove that record is wrong. If your willing to make a committment that you'll be there every day and give them your best chances are good they will give you a shot. Good luck.
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    By law, actual copies of employment records are kept for life of employment plus 3 years.

    Tieguy is right about going to the facility to explain the circumstances of why you left UPS, because your rehire status will impact your ability to be rehired at UPS.

    Your rehire status is not revealed to prospective employer inquiries however. UPS policy is to give dates of employment only, not the circumstances of your separation.
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    tieguy, is there a company policy on the issue or is it left up to the digression of the individual manager? I know that it sounds weird, but ever since I left I have had this incredible desire to go back there. I felt like part of something massive when I was working there.

    I appricate all of the help you have offered me.

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    Company policy at one time was no rehires, that may still hold true in some areas. There is a perception which normally holds true that people who bailed on you once before will do so again. Not the necessarily the rule anymore, now up to the discretion of the HR person and the operations person that will do the second interview. How long ago did you leave?
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    I know a couple of folks in my building that are rehires. As TieGuy stated, both of these people talked with the Center Manager, and an HR person to explain why they left the first time. I would like to add that both of them have proven to be very reliable and productive employees.
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    I think it varies from building to building on whether or not you can be rehired mainly because it really depends on the opinion of the HR rep or Manager you deal with at each one. We have a guy here that worked at the hub I used to work at and he eventually quit working there to go take a summer job out of state after school let out. He had given a two week notice when he quit. When he came back he tried to get rehired but they were giving him a hard time about it so he tried to get a job at the UPS here in town instead and they hired him on the spot once he told them he had been in the hub. It worked out better for him, as well as for me, though because this UPS is 5 minutes away apposed to the 30-35 minutes to drive to that hub. I was still there when he was hired at this UPS and know that they started rehiring more people after they had gotten some new people in HR. His old supervisor told me that if he had told him he wanted his job back then he could have helped him. So I guess it really just depends on how bad you want your job back and whether or not HR at that building is willing to take a chance on you again.
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    tieguy, it has been two and half years since I left. I would think that the fact that I left because of an injury outside of work (for which I still have the scar) as opposed to just bailing would count for something. We'll see what happens. Thanks again to everyone who replied.