How much of a difference will this make?

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    None----the real difference will come when they are forced to charge sales tax on every single purchase.
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    Don't be so sure. Netflix made a huge mistake by making a large price increase. It killed them. They have now rebounded.

    Read a great article on how overvalued amazon is as far as the stock goes. Until they get into something other than retail the profits just simply are not there to justify the price. The article also said something as simple as backlash from raising the prime price could send the stock into a tailspin where it just tanks.
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    With the pricepoint of Prime where it is now, some people will sign up for it and not utilize it enough to break even. Raise it from $79 and you won't have as many casual shoppers agreeing to go for it. You'll be left with just the frequent shoppers. It's called the point of diminishing returns. Raise the price enough and you thin the herd resulting in less profit. It's like the Obamacare thing. If you only have old people who use their insurance a lot and no young people who don't use it, then it doesn't work.
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    $79 is what it is now. It will be raised to somewhere between $99 and $119. I would guess $99 because $100 threshold will push many over the edge. Over $100 would certainly have me second guessing weather or not prime is worth it.
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    Yeah, that was a typo.