How should I handle being shorted on a paycheck after speaking to my supervisors three times?


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Hopefully someone can check my number crunching on the money that is owed to me. My hours should be changed from 5.28hrs to 5.78 hrs ( I worked from 5:30pm – 11:17pm instead of 6pm – 11:17pm). Also, I get paid at 15.33/hr.

I came in thirty minutes early which means they owe me $11.4975 from that (you get paid 1.5x if you come in earlier than your scheduled start) and I am also owed an additional amount because of OT. I’m not sure if I should multiply the $11.4975 x 1.5 because of the overtime. If anyone could help me out with this I would greatly appreciate it!
I doubt if you can be helped.'

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I was asked to come in thirty minutes early one day and did that. The same day I immediately spoke to my supervisor and notified him that I came in earlier than my scheduled start time. He told me that he would tell the person in charge of the timecards that he would switch the times for the day.

I waited until next week and I noticed that my times were not switched and spoke to the same supervisor for the second time. He told me it should be on the paycheck next week. I waited another week and it still was not there.

The third time I spoke to the full time supervisor and he told me that it will be on my next paycheck and I should see an "adjustment" underneath regular hours and overtime hours on my paycheck. It has almost been a month and I have not been paid for the half hour that I came in early.

I am aware of article 17 that states I should have a Shop Steward as a witness and also that there is penalty pay if the amount is over $20. I am owed around $11.25 for the work that I did. How should I handle this, should I speak to someone from HR next or the supervisors?