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    Plain and simple .....I work for FedEx and I'm FedUp!! I'm not a union type of person but when a company goes out of its way to treat people like trash it pushes people like me to the limits. Since the day of January 30th 2011 when FedEx Freight merged with FedEx LTL the onslaught of employee abuse from upper management has been terrible. You breath wrong and you're busted. I'm not a driver or a dock worker but a mechanic from the So Cal. area. There was a time when management and employees were good friends. We hung out and had partied together but the rules and regulations has turned people against each other and now we are at each others throats like dogs and that's exactly how they want it. The stress of FedEx employees is unreal and we are FedUp with FedEx. If I get fired I want it to be for something worth while not because an "out of service" tag fell off a unit I worked on or because i couldn't account for 5 minutes of "service repair time" because I was in the rest room stall. I've been discussing this issue with fellow mechanics and some are hesitant or scared and some , like me, are ticked off as hell. I'm a hard core conservative and all for capitalism and profits but not for mistreatment and unwarranted abuse of people for the sake of. What do I do to start this? Is there a meeting I can go to and bring fellow employees to so we can get ideas? PLEASE HELP!!!!!
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    Well, FedUpwFedEx- What your statement is- is what has been the plea on this site for years. I hate to be the "messenger" of bad news, however- you only have 3 options. As I quote a great entity that has posted on this forum- "your 3 choices are: to leave, organize, or well for lack of pretty words- just take it". I, personally believe you only have 2 options- that is: to leave or take it. I myself, put in almost 12 years at FedEx (while I held many difficult and glamour-less positions) . I had seen countless great employees come and sadly go. I pursued a different career, one that I would be treated with respect and that I could grow old with. I would suggest that you look further down the road. Use your vacations wisely. I think any organization efforts would be snuffed out (not to mention that it would take years to organize that pipe-dream). If you take anything from this, PLEASE understand that managers and their subordinates (couriers) will never be "friends", the idea of such is a conflict of interest-at best.
    If you decide to stay- look out for yourself. CYA. Prepare to be treated as 2nd class.
    If you decide to leave- You may find something better or at least find happiness.
    I was no longer happy there- I Left.
    Best of luck to you....

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    Welcome to the FedEx "family". If you're in SoCal I'm guessing you are ex-Viking Freight? While this tends to be a FedEx Express forum, we certainly encounter our Freight brethren every day, and I hear exactly the same thing you are saying from the drivers I meet. FedEx sucks, and it doesn't matter which division you work for.

    At Freight, you have a huge advantage in that you are under the NLRA, not the RLA like we are. That not only makes it easier for you to organize, but strikes fear into Fred Smith's (and A-Hole Bill Logue's) twisted little minds. Another poster here has said that the Teamsters are getting ready to organzie FedEx Freight, so maybe they will actually do something instead of sit on their collective hands as they've done with us.

    Tell the Freight people about this site, and get them on here and talking to each other. You can beat Smith if you do it together.
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    Ever wonder if FedEx managers set up fake profiles and post on here? The union busters brought up an interview we did in Labor Notes within days of it being posted (FedEx Package Handlers to Vote on Teamsters | Labor Notes).

    But just remember this; FedEx got flooded with nervous as hell millionaire investors when they found out about card check union drive. Fred Smith is the one who is more scared of the union than you.
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    At FedEx Express, Fred has his special RLA deal, so he's much more afraid of Freight organizing than Express. And we've seen plenty of fake employees and managers getting on here pretending that the Kool-Aid is delicious, when it is actually poisonous instead.


    Do it...ya'll in a way better position to organize than we here at Express will ever be. My brother works as a mechanic at Freight also, he watched one day as they fired 10 people in the shop for "getting ready to leave 5 minutes before punch out time", even though they had been standing around twiddling their thumbs for over an hour.

    Things are great all over.
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    Go for it.

    Smith and his buddies are evil and will try to screw honest hard working people as long as it puts another nickel in their pockets.

    Get a solid union contract. You and your families deserve it.
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    Perhaps someday the occupy wall street movement will morph into the occupy big corp movement and the 99% can camp out in front of all the greedy companies who hide behind wall street and give millions to politicians and lobbyists.
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    Interesting you should say that. We over heard a head honcho brag about firing a whole shift once. Maybe the same guy????
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    I wonder how long it took for the Freight people to figure-out that that FedEx was a "people" company? Isn't it curious that it doesn't really matter which opco you work for, you still get the Express experience of having your job threatened at every opportunity?
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    Yep you are ssssoooooooo right. We always hear " well you can always leave" I heard a manager tell an employee today who asked if he could leave early " I'll make it so you leave forever" Ya real nice. Right?
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    I stand self-corrected. My previous (above) statement was from my EXPRESS point of view. So FedUp, you may have way better options than I did...

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    Heartless managers that hurl threats around like this should; understand that the DAY will come you may be issued the same statement by your supervisor. Don't expect sympathy. You get what you give....

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    if your in so cal there is a union meeting 12/03/2011 @ TEAMSTERS local 63 in rialto. 379 west valley blvd. rialto, ca. 92376 . we actually have a campaign trying to organize fedex freight going on right now . you are very welcome to come buy and sit in . we are one of biggest and most powerful locals in the nation . i encourage you to show up . being a teamster changed my life . you need respect from those ***** at fedex . with the teamsters union its possible . occasionally i get :censored2: off and tell my sups to go *** themselves . and there isnt a dam thing they can do to me but tell me to go *** myself . ITS TIME FOR FEDEX TO STAND UP AND UNITE AND TELL FRED SMITH TO GO TO HELL !!!


    PM me a name and I will find out. It's the :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:s that almost always make it to upper management.


    You get the Express treatment without the Express benefits. Only 2 weeks of vacation, same crap insurance. This is one time when my brother had the advantage of working at Express, he knows to keep his head down.
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    That's the new prototype for the upwardly mobile at FedEx. Be as big an A-hole as possible, focus completely on numbers and the budget, and treat your employees like dogs at the animal shelter. This practically guarantees a promotion, because if all of your employees hate your guts, you must be doing something right according to Memphis. It also helps to never touch packages, and dress for success in your power shirt and tie with the spiffy Italian elf shoes. In a pinch, the expensive Miles Standish shoes with the pilgrim buckle will help you stand-out to the MD. It's such a joke.