How will a yes vote effect the teamsters for years to come?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by FIST, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. FIST

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    What effect will this contract have on the future of the teamsters?
  2. blue efficacy

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    A negative one, obviously, as it will show UPS again that Teamsters are more than willing to sell each other out. Also, it will pave the way for more concessions in the next contract.
  3. diesel96

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    I disagree, IMO the teamsters were doomed from the outset of this contract from previous impropriorties to finally square up and settle their debt with the demons of the past or sell their souls to the devil and predicate the demise of a pension fund bound for failure. Unfortunatly, that weakened the Teamster bargining power in the amount of 6 Billion dollars and questionable language left up in the air for interpetation. However Five years from now with fully funded pension programs nationwide out of the red, and with the lessens we learned this year, we need to collectivley embed into our Union leadership with more than just one high priority issue. And without so much emphasis on a handshake one issue agreement, the Teamsters and it's members hopefully can have more solidarity (that is if the different factions of the Union members can stop this pissing contest) and go into next contract negotiations with an iron fist.(like Mr Fist's avator)
    BTW..Why do you start a thread with a question and not give an opinion as well?
    You already know the answer your gonna say, why not share it with the start of your threads?
    Seems like you only want to give rebuddles to answers you disagree with. A little defensive I would say. The rope-a-dope, leaning on the ropes counterpunching.
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    i just hope ups don't forget us retired teamsters that worked hard for them!! it's hard to watch your years being sold to a sinking plan. we should have some safegaurd in place if you worked for ups like i did for 31+ years.
  5. Damok

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    This is really the big issues that our Union faces. Contracts are important there is no doubt but the internal politicking is what destroys groups/organizations. The only way to fix it is to get people involved; go to your meetings, voice an opinion, talk to new hires and let them know the power they have, talk to your BA's, talk to your shops, talk to each other... there are a million things that each of us can do to make our Union better.

    There will always be a need for discussions about what the leaderships is doing but to have it degrade into a power struggle only weakens us. We have people on all sides that are in it for themselves, there are those that forgot where they came from and no longer have the members' best interests at heart. However, the only way it will change is if we change it.
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    The real way this contract will affect future contracts is simple. Each time this point on, the company will want to negotiate earlier.

    The company has already proven it can take back 8 months of an already ratified agreement without the Teamsters lifting an eyebrow.

    This giveback period will only lead to further concessions down the road.

    We can stop it by showing the company that "we" the member employers will not allow our leaders and representatives to go to negotiations and do whats in "their" best interests, and even though "they" shook hands, it was all for nothing as the Teamsters did not have the approval of the membership.

    To me, that handshake means nothing.

    From now on, the company will try to force limits on drivers salaries, this time they lost that opportunity. They originally came with a "cap" of $24.00 top pay for all new drivers hired after January 1 2008 and only .30cents an hour for current drivers over 5 years.

    They will attempt this again in 2013.

    Next will come part time drivers capped at 4 hours a day or the splitting of an 8 hour workday between two part time drivers.

    You will see.

    We need to send a message to the company, you may sit with hall and shake his hand, but when you realize your holding his tail, the dog will bite you.

  7. Fnix

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    how does hiring 2 part time drivers save them money compared to 1? wont the hourly payments total to still around past $28?
  8. Johney

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    No overtime?
  9. BrownShark

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    You cant be serious?

  10. browned out

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    No overtime, no full time benefits, no full time vacations, no full time pension. Please 1 and 1 equals 2 but not in this case where it is more like 1 and 1 equal 2 and a half.

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    Troll alert
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    Devil Alert
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    Shields up, photon torpedoes online.