How Will UPS Benefit From These 'Game-changer' Treaties?

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    How Will UPS Benefit From These 'Game-changer' Treaties? - Motley Fool

    In the past month, United Parcel Service executives have made it clear the company supports the passage of trade agreements currently being discussed between the U.S. and foreign economies.

    UPS execs may have started talking more about the agreements now, due to a combination of mounting frustration with political gridlock and a strategic appeal to the public. TTIP has only formally been on the table since early 2013, but TPP has been under discussion for five years. Or, perhaps the company is looking for a volume boost now that its European hub has increased capacity.

    Whatever the reason, the agreements carry growth potential for the company and interested investors should continue to monitor their development.
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    I think UPS needs this to boost the business it failed to purchase in the TNT deal. There's more than one way to increase ones presence in a market.