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    Hey everyone, have been passively trolling through many UPS forums in general especially the ones here due to your large amount posts.
    I am on the verge of 23, have worked constantly since 14.

    These are what I can remember off the top of my head:
    Window/Carpet cleaning (still), 8yrs
    janitorial(still), 8yrs
    furniture warehousing/delivery(still at 2 different companies). over 2years

    material handling, electrical, computers, machinist production/quality inspection, commercial+residential carpet/flooring, auto mechanic, painting, and tractor/landscaping.

    Point is; blue collar with great work ethic, not afraid of hard work, NEVER been fired/laid off for any other cause other then "lack of work."
    When in commercial flooring, out of 20 something guys that started with the crew, was one of 2 that was there by the end. During which I did far more then my job description/pay asked of me including supervising while boss was away and all the lazy ones just couldn't understand why I was giving so much.
    Give me the tools, materials, training, and environment and I will blow you away.

    I am tired of being dead end, and I did not care for / take school very seriously even though I was an 'A' student therefore I did not have motivation for collage other then my welding cert, which I have been unable to use so far due in part to receiving it right before the crash in '08 while I still had a 'decent' job making $34k.

    I have been job searching for quite some time and have become depressed over my current future outlook during the past 2 years.
    Messing up my already strained from carpet/flooring back (did not know good lift techniques) doing furniture deliveries. My buddy, whom I work with, has been doing it for over 10yrs - has damaged several discs and strained muscles. He is only 27, takes aspirin daily, and chiropractor / massage weekly. (at one company management is great and I get to work with my buddy but $10/hr with no future raise/promotion in sight) (other company is the closest description of slave labor I have ever seen, and boss is a great sales person but illogical, micromanaging, and non-reasonable manager but I get $15/hr with no raise/promotion in sight)

    So that is the sob story and I wish I had been smarter, looked for jobs when they were in demand. (when I read up on Air Traffic Controllers I was ecstatic but the big hiring was back in late '08 - mid'09, right after I got laid off from flooring...but had no idea about and now they are overflowing with applicants so they can afford to be choosy. Who is going to take someone without even a AA/AS if they have better choices?)

    Anyway, I have read countless hours about many careers and it has come down to UPS as far as I can see, based on my experience, education, job availability, interest, and bang for the buck employment. Even though I get the impression that the consensus is that working for UPS is brutal and taxing in more ways then one, I already deal with a crazy manager along with terrible physical strain - might as well get paid well with benefits(new concept for me). (I understand that the physical work is constant and arduous, but it is in a much more controlled and regulated environment vs a 220lb double reclining couch up narrow stairway and around corners without damage where sometimes it is completely impossible to do without bending/twisting yourself into unsafe lifting conditions.) Besides, I love driving and already have manual transmission practice on 20ft mitsubishi fuso diesel box truck that is more fun to drive then many sports cars I have driven.

    I am willing to move pretty much anywhere in the US to get on a full time driver shift, since it seems there are a few permanent driver jobs currently mixed in with the seasonals, as long as I am not going to be let go a week after hiring because some bean counter got the numbers wrong...which just raised another question: Do the full timers hired OTS enter into the Union 30 days after hiring like promotees?

    Had some questions so sent this to UPS HR, but just got roundabout dismissal.
    Tried searching for quite some time here but the results were not what I needed, and when I went to press 'next page' it just says oops there are no results? Bug in the search function possibly since it shows 5 pages of results but clicking on any of them gets you nothing.

    If these are posted somewhere else let me know where please.

    Thanks much!



    I really do not know where else to ask these questions as this is the closest category to 'job related inquiries' that I have found on this site, and I assume the regular UPS site's customer service lines are more oriented toward customer issues rather then employment questions.

    If this was the wrong email to send to - many apologies, please forward to whomever is the most appropriate.

    I have a great interest in getting into a career at UPS in certain fields as I am fed up with working hard for dead end jobs and no benefits, that let you go as soon as work runs out.

    I am interested in: Package delivery driver | Feeder/Tractor trailer driver | or UPS air pilot.

    Apologies for the amount of questions, I have tried to research as much as possible using the company FAQ, videos, and various forums (besides most being woefully out of date, there are so many conflicting 'facts' on these it is hard to know what is what and who you can trust...I say this and essentially I am asking HR Catbert from the Dilbert cartoon hehe XD)

    My questions are these:

    Is the "UPS to hire 25k new driver delivery jobs over the next 5 years" (2008-2013) only up for bid by current employees?

    Is being hired OTS (off the street) onto any of these positions as full time permanent (not temporary/seasonal) even a possibility and if so, how does your 'in company seniority progression' compare to someone that has worked longer at a lower pay position?

    How does the pay/benefit progression compare being OTS versus being in company promoted?

    What is starting pay for Delivery driver | Feeder driver | Air pilot, as well as most current pay/benefit progression table?

    For Feeder driver, does UPS hire any OTS without Class A CDL and train onsite?

    Highly doubt able but does UPS hire/promote from within Air pilots without any qualifications or experience and train onsite?

    What are the likely minimal experience requirements of Air pilots to be considered?

    When working a seasonal job in Package handling | Package delivery driver | Feeder driver, is any seniority acquired and, if rehired the next season, do wages/benefits reset to a new hire's or accumulate?

    Are weekly massages a standard for all full time staff or just regional/senioral (new word alert hehe) perks?

    Are the job postings I see on the public UPSjobs website also shown in UPS hubs available for bid to current employees, or are they separate?

    Does being hired full time as seasonal mean that you enter the Union?

    Is there a bias toward hiring students?

    Very interested in starting a career here but is almost impossible to get in full time, as I cannot quit my current livelihood until have something permanent lined up, since our hub is in a collage town (San Luis Obispo).

    Any suggestions based on hiring trends or such where the most OTS are hired or which state has the most openings?

    Love working hard by myself as much as possible as it allows me solely responsible for my work. Have been in furniture delivery for over 2 years now and love driving and bringing 'gifts' that everyone loves. Having a job that keeps you active and in the fresh air is very appealing to someone who has been in many trades of blue collar work.

    Many thanks, and hope to join the ranks soon.[/QUOTE]